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KT Solar Systems, Inc. - Profile & Reviews

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  • "The worst experience with KT Solar"

    Reviewed Oct 28, 2019

    Initially at the start, installation was great. My panels produce VERY LITTLE. I had reliant for the 1st year and we made nothing. Reliant claimed there was a form not signed. We then switched to Green Mountain. We had started using them at the end of 2017. The total to date since switching we have made close to $100 credit since 2017. The communication is HORRIBLE. I called many times and it took a negative review on FB to get a call back. That is not longer on their reviews. Finally they sent someone out and was told we are producing. This was back in February. As we still get cents on our credit on 25 panels. I have been going around in circles from center point and the power company. This last bill for the 30 day cycle per the power company the panels made a TOTAL of 42 kw FOR THE MONTH. This was the 1st time my power company told me what my panels were producing. Our bill was close to $500, we got .42c credit and paid $252 for the loan. I feel we are getting so screwed. There is no way to see what my panels are making. They did not tell me there was a way. This is so unfair and so not worth it if your solar power company does nothing for you. At this point one of the main girls does not like me at all. I did threaten a lawyer last week because of my experience with her before, that's when she contacted me back to tell me let my lawyer handle it. She has been a nightmare. I just ask for communication and to have good costumer service and to care. I am sure if she were in this situation we are in she would be on the phone trying to figure this out. We need HELP!! I feel as if we have been scammed.

  • "Solar installation"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2016

    I did most of the installation myself, but lacked the expertise and required license to do the final electrical connection, so I asked KT solar if they could do it. They responded right away, and did everything they promised and beyond. It turned out there was a manufacturers defect in my inverter, which they found while running the startup tests. They called manufacturer directly, arranged for a replacement part, and took care of everything. My system has been working perfectly after that, and my electric bill is actually less than zero.
    Note that my bill is so low only because my provider (Green Mountain) pays me the same rate for the power that I supply to the grid as for the power that I receive from the grid. There are not many providers offering this deal.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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We are a local company based in Katy, Texas and believe in earth-friendly power generation at low cost to the consumer.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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KT Solar Systems, Inc. Headquarters

24750 Clay Rd.
Katy, TX
77493 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years manufacturers warranties


OSHA Certified
1st Aid and CPR


TECL Electrical Contractor


General Liability Coverage
Commercial Insurance

States served by KT Solar Systems, Inc.

  • Texas TX