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FOR Energy is committed to providing homeowners with cleaner, more energy efficient alternatives for their homes and businesses. Our commitment stems from our core belief that renewable energy should be affordable and easy. Because your home and wallet deserve it, the team at FOR Energy works tirelessly to research and implement the latest technology in energy conservation. What’s more, since we’ve negotiated the most competitive financing products available, our customers can choose to take full advantage of the sun without financial strain. FOR Energy’s commitment is driven from the belief that we have one planet to share and we want keep it safe for generations to come.

Our unique background with a history of teaching clients how to “Reduce before you Produce”distinctly positions us to share our knowledge with our customers. In addition to monetary savings, when you join the FOR Energy family you’ll benefit by learning more about making environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions to protect the environment and sustain our natural resources.

Affordable - We have three attractive options to pay for your new solar system:

1. Loan: Would you like to own your own system?! You’ll also benefit from keeping ALL of the applicable Federal and State tax incentives. With interest rates as low as 4.99% and credit qualification minimums starting with a 650 FICO score, our confidence in meeting your lending needs is second to none.
2. Lease: Like guarantees?! With a lease program, you only pay for the electricity that your system is guaranteed to produce. Your solar system will be fully maintained by our Leasing agent. This terrific option can be an affordable solution for many people!
3. Cash: Looking for the best overall deal?! If you are able to make this fruitful investment in YOUR future by purchasing your new solar system with cash, then you’ll receive the best and most competitive pricing available.

Easy - While the process of purchasing of a new solar system can be complicated, we strive to make your experience smooth and exciting. We’ll guide you through the following steps with personal and dedicated attention so you are always in the know:

1. Design
2. Credit Qualification
3. Application Process
4. Utility and Municipal Approval
5. Installation
6. PTO/Activation
7. Maintenance and Aftercare

During each stage of the solar process you will have a devoted team, in addition to your Energy Consultant, who will be available to answer any of your questions.

What are you waiting for? Allow the team at FOR Energy to create a custom solar proposal for your home today. You’ll be glad that you chose FOR Energy!
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Locally owned and operated, our energy consultants live and work in the same communities as you do. Integrity cannot be purchased with any price and each of us believe that an exceptional customer experience should always be expected. Since we are solely focused on creating raving fans, you’ll be the very first to know if solar is not the right product for your home. We are passionate about what we do, and if there is a better way, we will find it! Thank you for considering FOR Energy!
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing

Workmanship Warranty

2 years for energy efficient retro work
5 years for solar


ROC 268127 (KB-2)


In Arizona, BPI Certified, Home Performance with Energy Star Certified, SRP Approved Contractor, APS Approved Contractor

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Strong start but weak follow-up and possible false advertising and sales tactics. Must read one year

Initialization: 3 stars (downgraded due to promises not being honored) Worked with a few vendors on quotes and FE gave the best deal right off the bat (annual production/cost). Door to door guy was very friendly and professional connecting us and informing me on FE practices. Both discussed incentives and guarantees that For Energy would honor. Claims made that sold me vs their competitors: 1. For Energy will handle all the headaches of setup (dealing with installers, getting permits, setups with utility, inspections, etc.) - True 2. your system will be monitored for issues and handled proactively - kind of false. If your system is broken, the installer may act, but not sure, what they certainly wont do is make sure your contracted annual production amount will be met. This was a big sales point for me. The sales people confidently claimed they would not just meet a production amount but likely exceed it just to make the customer happy. 3. "Your system is eligible for state refunds and we'll help you with the info you need to get it" - kinda true. state refund is proving more problematic, they gave me the wrong form and none of the identification numbers like CRS id number. told me to work with an accountant Install: 4 stars (downgraded due to survey claims) Titan did the survey and install. Before hand I was told the best location on my roof but requested an apparently less optimal spot over garage so any future leaks would have minimal impact on the home. I was told the location may be effected by a tree nearby and asked they take that into consideration in the survey. If the survey showed it would impact annual production, then put it where they needed to to meet their promises. I was told the location would be fine given the shallow slope of our roof and how panels would be mounted. This ended up not being true so the surveyer/For energy failed on this front and should have just put it in the original spot like I asked. In the end though, they made it all look clean and well sealed and it worked. FE walked me thru the hardware and basic troubleshoot advice like post storm checks and home insurance updates. Then looked over hardware via teleconference to see final looks. Operation: 2 stars Almost 1 year in and the system is 20% short of contracted annual production. I was told they'd watch for issues and handle it ahead of time but I had to reach out to them and after a month I still hadn't been followed up with beyond the "we will look into it" line. Upon a second corporate request I finally got someone to engage with on the matter. Customer service: 2 stars Everyone I worked with on my setup and that made promises, no longer works there. A company can use temp workers in this manner to falsely advertise then back out as a corporation. They would have probably worked with me had I been able to find evidence. I thought I kept everything in gmail, but since I can't find it, I must have used something else. I know they have a portal site they use a lot so if your chatting over that, print and save everything. I will credit them 2 stars for at least trying to work with me. They offered me a "break even" price which is where I pay a no profit cost to increase production to what they promised up front, but once you lose that trust, its hard to justify letting someone continue to cost you. Last thing I need is second rate rushed installation for example causing damage to the roof or existing hardware, and the system is modular and I could honestly just add on to it myself if I want to later. Lessons Learned: Solar brokers (like For Energy) simplify install process but your local solar installer may do the same steps already, if you have been working with a door to door initiated person, get good records of everything as the long term corp only seems to honor functional hardware and proper install...again though, this is through the solar installer.

Posted by derek.doyle.nm on Oct 08, 2021



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