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Sigora Solar - Profile & Reviews

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  • "Complete disappointment"

    Reviewed Oct 28, 2021

    I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly disappointed I am with Sigora Solar.
    1) We signed a contract at the end of April and were told 4-6 weeks til installation. We were so excited to be going solar!
    2) In May, we received an automated email asking us to sign a revised contract agreeing to 25% less output. No personal email or explanation. It took nearly a week of emails to get an explanation about the error, and a forced, insincere apology. It turns out our sales rep, Sam, had made a massive error (presumably an honest mistake) in calculating the shade on our roof. As a result, our panels would produce 25% less electricity than what was stated in our contract.
    3) We entered into a nearly 2 month re-negotiation of our contract due to emails that went unanswered for weeks. In the end, we wound up paying the same price for 12% less output than we were originally promised in our contract. We should have walked away at this time but stupidly persevered, thinking Sigora couldn't be any worse. Because the final design changed, our permits had to be re-issued, adding further delays.
    4) Our panels were installed in August, 4 months after signing our contract. We were given inaccurate installation dates on first contact from Sigora, and it took many rounds of email and phone calls to actually schedule the installation. On installation day, a person from Dominion showed up and asked what he was supposed to do (I am not an electrician...that's your job?). I called Sigora and was told Dominion was not supposed to be there. I still don't know what happened. The rest of installation went surprisingly smoothly, aside from the electricians who were unmasked in my house until I asked them to please wear masks.
    5) Our panels failed city inspection on two different counts, requiring two return trips from Sigora to fix the problems
    6) Additionally, immediately after installation it was clear that 3 panels were not functioning properly and not reporting to monitoring system. When I reported this issue, I was scolded for having the system turned on (the installers left it turned on and I was following instructions for monitoring that I received in an email).
    7) I was told the 3 panels would be scheduled for repair within 48 hours.
    8) In mid-October, with our panels still not activated, I received a sales text message from Sigora trying to get me to buy solar panels from them. This company is so dysfunctional that they are trying to sell panels to existing unhappy customers. I replied to the text message and reached a sympathetic sales person who actually offered to help move our panels along. Thank you mystery salesperson at the other end of the text message!
    9) Our panels were activated yesterday, almost 6 months to the day from when we signed our contract.. Surprise! The 3 panels still don't work. Supposedly they can be fixed now that the system is turned on (so much for 48 hours ... )
    10) Along the way, our "dedicated" Customer Service Rep was often unhelpful and uninformative. Multiple emails went unanswered or received completely unhelpful responses.
    11) Sigora brags about their dashboard where you can see progress on your panels. In my experience, this dashboard rarely contained accurate or up to date information.
    I wouldn't recommend working with Sigora to anyone. They are incompetent at all levels of the operation. I hope the panels will perform as expected but it really was not worth the stress, anxiety, and frustration of working with them for the past 6 months.

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Sigora Solar is a Virginia-based solar energy social enterprise whose mission is to provide the world with access to clean, reliable energy at a fair price. Our social entrepreneurship mission extends beyond local markets and permeates every aspect of our business strategy.

Sigora Haiti, our sister company, started with the dream of electrifying a clinic. Today, our vision has grown into a full-scale green utility project with an initial 10-year plan of providing electricity to 2 million people by 2025. We currently have over 500 people online with electricity 24/7. as we continue to build this enterprise and provide communities with an affordable, efficient, and sustainable power supply.

Read more about our mission in Haiti and consider supporting our effort to bring the people there clean, reliable, and fairly priced energy at

What really sets us apart, however, is our passion for what we do. Every single project, big or small, is extremely important to us and we get excited about the opportunity to work with clients who want to help make positive economic and environmental investments.‚Äč

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Sigora Solar Headquarters

292 Race Ave.
Waynesboro, VA
22980 United States


10 NABCEP PV Installation Professionals
3 NABCEP PV Technical Sales Professionals


Business Incorporation: 45-2203288
Electrician: 2710020317
Contractors: 2705141338

States served by Sigora Solar

  • District of Columbia DC ,
  • Virginia VA