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Sigora Solar

Sigora Solar is a Virginia-based solar energy social enterprise whose mission is to provide the world with access to clean, reliable energy at a fair price. Our social entrepreneurship mission extends beyond local markets and permeates every aspect of our business strategy.

Sigora Haiti, our sister company, started with the dream of electrifying a clinic. Today, our vision has grown into a full-scale green utility project with an initial 10-year plan of providing electricity to 2 million people by 2025. We currently have over 500 people online with electricity 24/7. as we continue to build this enterprise and provide communities with an affordable, efficient, and sustainable power supply.

Read more about our mission in Haiti and consider supporting our effort to bring the people there clean, reliable, and fairly priced energy at

What really sets us apart, however, is our passion for what we do. Every single project, big or small, is extremely important to us and we get excited about the opportunity to work with clients who want to help make positive economic and environmental investments.​
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Business Incorporation: 45-2203288
Electrician: 2710020317
Contractors: 2705141338


10 NABCEP PV Installation Professionals
3 NABCEP PV Technical Sales Professionals

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  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Gold Installer
  • SolarEdge Preferred

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System completely failed and have received no contact

We had a system installed, and it worked for a couple years. Last year it failed completely. I have called many times and left messages since February and emailed. It turns out they use an answering service and I have not talked to a Sigora rep yet. This is going to probably wind up being an experience where I have to get legal action involved

Posted by johnrmcnary on May 15, 2023
Do NOT use!

Our experience was terrible. The project took over a year to complete. The communication and follow-through was nonexistent, unless I initiated the conversation. There were never resolutions, but excuses as to whose responsibility it was to complete the task. The turnover for the organization became troublesome as no one was able to follow our account and support what their sales representatives offered. We are still waiting for items promised by their sales representatives. We are now using a different solar company to complete other solar panel installations. DO NOT USE! DO NOT TRUST! UPDATE: They responded below stating that they would contact me. It has been 3 months and I have yet to hear anything from them. UPDATE (5/11): Still no response

Posted by boykins.michael on May 11, 2023
Lien on my house!!

This is the first time that I have had to write a review about a company that has completely screwed myself and apparently many more customers that believed this company was a good one. My system was installed in Dec 2022 inspected and the power company came and installed the new meter. Since then the power company has sent me a bill for 2200.00 in February 2023 ( which I paid!) and then this month my bill is 1156.00 !! I had tried multiple times to get in touch with your company to address this situation and no one will contact me!! Very Frustrated!!! Today, I received a call from the construction company that installed the system. Apparently you haven’t paid them yet and they are going to put a Lien on my house!!! Somebody better contact me ASAP and get this figured out!!!!!

Posted by jarhead1249 on Mar 28, 2023
worst company I've dealt with in my entire life

Worst company I have ever worked with in my entire life. The worst customer service, follow up, and the worst results..The biggest waste of money in my entire life. My units break often, they do not produce as promised and my electric bills are over $400 a month even with panels--how is this possible. I'm a Realtor and know what people with similar sized homes spend on electricity. DO NOT USE SIGORA SOLAR! They are SO FRIENDLY and nice and accommodating until they get your money and then it is TERRIBLE!

Posted by beth on Jan 26, 2023
Sigora does not honor warranty or service

Within 5 months of our panels being installed, one of our panels stopped producing energy. Three months after contacting Sigora, the Panel is still not fixed even though it’s within warranty. Sigora has not been easy to work with, and they do not care if your panels are functioning. Please go with a different company or do not get panels at all. I’m severely disappointed with this company and the original installation company, ATX Solar. (Austin, Texas area)

Posted by consultjc on Oct 17, 2022
Read the fine print

Their warranty does not cover parts. I chose the battery backup option. My batteries failed within 1.5 years. Sigora will not repair and blames the Manufacturer which was LG and will not do anything.

Posted by 79hdshovel on Aug 10, 2022



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