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Recognized for our commitment to energy savings and our successful and creative financing strategies, VSECU, a division of New England Federal Credit Union is based in Vermont. Our vision is to empower possibilities to foster social, financial and environmental prosperity and our commitment to promoting environmentally sound choices for our member-owners and employees, VGreen financing solutions are an important and impactful addition to our loan portfolio. Additionally, our VGreen Money Market Account (MMA) helps our members earn more on their deposits, easy access to their savings, and 100% of the deposits fund energy efficiency and renewable project loans for members. Note that rates and terms are subject to change.
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VSECU is a credit union, a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative.
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Nice people, completely insane bureaucracy

I'm out. I was willing to put up with a mind-numbingly confusing website and archaic account creation and management tools. I was OK with their aggressive fees. (Bouncing a check when I had something like 200X the money needed in a related account). But then I tried to get a new EV car loan. The loan was for less than the amount I have in savings at VSECU. But they put me through 1.5 weeks of endless bureaucracy and arbitrary, changing rules. I dealt with two people--each of whom said contradictory things and said the other one is the person who makes the decisions (a way to deflect responsibility). I'm out. I was excited to go from commercial banks to a credit union. But then I applied for the same loan at Citizen's and was approved at a better rate in about twenty seconds.

Posted by a on Feb 01, 2023

Was a member for years then we moved to MA. Great customer service and reasonable rates. My go to lender.

Posted by gregory.dunkling on Jan 25, 2023
Horrible financial institution to do business with

Horrible! They charged me 5 overdraft fees when I had plenty of money in my account. I called to correct and they said I had made my deposit 30minutes after the withdraws hit my account. I pointed out they claim they process deposits before withdraws and they said that only applies to external deposits (finding loopholes in their own policy to nickel and dime me). They were rude and treated me like an idiot. Bank with anyone else!

Posted by planopop77 on Mar 16, 2022



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