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Our Vision is to be a model global enterprise in the clean energy eco-system. Our values are world-class customer-centric innovations, global reach, and lean teamwork.
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About Sunpreme

Sunpreme is a six year old Company rapidly transitioning from a start-up to a growth phase global enterprise. We have a significant presence in Sunnyvale, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley innovation culture. Our R&D Center is located here to drive a constant stream of technology innovations for a multi-generational roadmap. We also have a fully functional, state-of-the-art integrated production line in Jiaxing, near Shanghai in China. This factory has demonstrated manufacturing-worthiness and cost model for production at 16% – 18% on cast MG-Si, and 20% on CZ Si wafers, 156mm-square processed in in Gen6 LCD-FPD based production systems. These cells are packaged in thin- profile double glass panels which have been successfully deployed in the US, China, India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Australia and soon, Antarctica. We have also demonstrated extendibility of our technology to 210mm cells and modules. . As of now, we have over 200 employees: Our world class R&D team has members educated in Caltech, UC-Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Australia UNSW, Washington U, SUNY-Stonybrook, U of Minnesota, Osaka U and the University of Oxford. The manufacturing talent has come from over 10 Chinese provinces.

Our Robust, Reliable, aesthetically pleasing double glass Solar PV module is certified with UL 1703, IEC 61215, IEC 61646 and IEC 61730. Outputs rated at 200W, 240W 300W, and soon 340W for 72-cell panels and 280W for 60 cell panels.
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