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Solar America Solutions

Solar America Solutions provides wholesale Solar Thermal Energy materials and equipment to our end users and contract with qualified installers who have been trained and certified by us in the application and installation of renewable energy products.

We are proud to offer our patented flagship SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors…the best performing solar equipment on the market today. Solar America Solutions is the established leader in the Solar Thermal Collection industry. The equipment we offer is Third Generation and 96%+ efficient! And…the cost of our products are competitive with our less efficient competition. We have scores of successful commercial installations and happy, satisfied customers that are enjoying a payback for their investment in less than five years. It only makes sense to use Solar America Solutions products.
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About Solar America Solutions

Solve Your Heating Needs With Clean and FREE Renewable Solar Energy!!!

Solar America Solutions brings very affordable Solar Thermal Energy to government, commercial, and institutional facilities and operations. We are committed to providing renewable energy products for our end users that are truly revolutionary and more efficient than any other product on the market. Here’s why you should seriously consider solar thermal energy for your hot water and space heating needs – using the same system.

Easily retrofits into almost any existing hot water or space heat system
Proven to work extremely well in cloudy and cold climates
Interfaces very well with geo-thermal and with radiant floor systems
3rd generation and patented SunQuest 250 solar thermal collectors are 96% efficient
Simple system with only one moving part
Warranted for 10 years against 1″ hail and 150 MPH winds
SRCC certified and ARRA compliant (Made in America)
Become responsible corporate citizens by reducing the use of fossil fuels
Reduce dependence on foreign oil
Reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions
Take advantage of U.S. Federal 30% tax incentive through 2016 – ACT NOW!
Receive Government GRANTS to help pay for your system
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