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Evelar Solar

New to RI market! Our incentives cannot be beat! Until June we will be Offering ZERO DOWN 2.99% financing for qualified buyers, we make your first 12 payments on top of federal tax credits! Our panels are made in the USA and we use the best technology to get you an accurate quote in 20 minutes. We do it all from start to finish. Endorsed by Dave Ramsey and A+ Better Business Beareu rating our Evelar Warranty will help you add instant value to your home, worry free.
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Evelar has been a leading solar company in the mid-west for many years. We are currently opening in the RI market with tremendous incentives! WWW.EVELAR.COM
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Architecture
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting

Workmanship Warranty

25 year Panel warranty-Panels Made in the



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Evelar Out of Business

Evelar went out of business about a year after installation of our solar system. Dave Ramsey, you should have looked into the company a bit further before giving them your positive review. Though the system is still operating, Evelar is gone along with the warranty. Nice!!

Posted by utahan2000 on Jul 15, 2019
Rude Sales Staff

I opened my door to a young man presenting himself as a representative for Evelar Solar. After I had refused his attempts to setup an appointment several times, he become derisive and belligerent. I've informed the company that their employees/representatives are not welcome on my property or near my family.

Posted by jakegarnman on Mar 16, 2018
Excellent Company - Inside View

I'm an employee at Evelar and wanted to give an inside perspective on the massive changes I've seen in the last 2 years of the company. Our executive and leadership team has grown to have some very talented and experienced people who have brought beneficial change to our culture and who have really enabled us to deliver on our value of creating a remarkable customer experience. As any company there are growing pains, but we have stepped up our game in a major way to build a company that delivers what we promise. As for myself I am in the technology department and help build the cutting edge technology which is the foundation of how scalable and simple our company can be in the ever increasingly technological world. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions or concerns as I am confident we will deliver a remarkable experience. I am buying a house and will be getting solar with Evelar here shortly and have many friends and family who have signed up and are very happy. After all if I am willing to recommend to my friends and family to go with Evelar, you know it must be a great company.

Posted by jeremykadamson on Feb 24, 2018
Can't get an app no customer service

I was up and running with Evelar Solar September 2016 it hasn’t lived up to the hype… I’m just starting this journey of reviews, since I can’t get anywhere with these guys. They do not return calls and never send promised emails. And you cannot get a straight answer from anyone. So the problems has been more of an annoyance than a problem over the past year, I have not been not able to get any results. All I have wanted is the APP to track what I am producing.. Seems easy enough right? NOOOO it’s not, they won’t send it to me. I have been trying for a year now.. They say they cannot send it to me, only to my wife. My email is or isn't on record so they can't send it, or the account is in my wife’s name, so they can't send it, though I am a second on the account. They have not sent it to my wife and all get from Emily, Julie, Scott and Todd (I think that’s his name was) is I will send it right now, and they don’t. Now the problems are starting. I keep getting bills from Rocky Mtn power anywhere from 10 bucks to my last bill of 160 bucks for power usage not the solar fees. So I called Julie; she says send us your bills I will check them out. Julie then said I’ll call you later today… nothing. I called back left a message still has not called back (it's been 4 days now). I called again and spoke with Emily, Emily says maybe she can do this but it will take at least a week… she is out of the office and there is no one else who can do this. It might take longer if she can’t get to it (and there is no one else in the office who can do this). I ask please at least send me the app and again I cannot get it. It’s AN APP NOT FORT KNOCKS, HER PIN NUMBER OR TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS! IT”S AN APP AND THEY REFUSE TO SEND IT TO ME!!!! So in the meantime I don’t know if they under built my system, something is broken and they don‘t want to fix it or just what is going on. All I do know is I get the run a round, can’t get a stupid APP and the chance of getting the solar panels to work like they told me they would is beginning to look like a pipe dream. So I will keep posting my reviews until action is taken by Evelar Solar to get this fixed, or until I wear out my keyboard. I will keep you updated on how things go and how long until we get this resolved… Tomorrow’s post will be about the 3 biggest lies I was told by Evelar Solor, 1- tax credits, 2- never have a bill from Rocky mountain power again, 3- our customer service is the best in the world.. We care, we are here for you.. What a load of BS Perhaps I need to send this to Dave Ramsay too…he may not know they are ruining his good name.

Posted by cdanderson01 on Sep 01, 2017



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