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SunPower Builders

For over 44 years, SunPower Builders has been committed to the Solar Energy Industry.
• We are one of the original solar installation companies in the state of Pennsylvania.
• We have installed approximately 200 Solar Energy Systems within 20 miles of our offices in Collegeville, Pa.
• Our systems are accurately designed for your specific location, look good, are built to last, and almost always produce at higher than expected levels.
We provide the best combination of cost and longevity:
• We care about the quality of our product, from workmanship to materials.
• Our systems are well-built at a fair price. Our prices are below many in PA.
• We use only USA modules, racking and EU made central inverters: you are spending a lot of money for a system that is expected to work in the harshest of outdoor conditions, without maintenance for 25, 30, 50? years, the better value is better equipment, and Asian modules don’t measure up. Better quality materials do cost a bit more.
• Our ground mount installations are welded, not just bolted, and we drill helical posts into 4-5’ into the ground for greater pull-out strength (hurricane winds).
• Our installations are aesthetic and top notch. We do not have to excavate in your yard thereby protecting your landscaping. We care about the aesthetics, such as recommending a ground mount vs roof, keeping it at a low profile, and protecting and restoring your property.
• There is no one that does a better job, has more than 200 installations with-in 25 miles, and has zero service calls for faulty workmanship or materials.
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Since 1972, SunPower Builders has been on the forefront of solar design and construction. With nearly 200 residential and commercial systems installed and “on line”, SunPower Builders is the largest Pennsylvania based Solar Company. Whether you want solar shingles, a roof mounted system or a ground mounted system, we will design and install your Solar Electric (PV) system to be aesthetic, efficient and long-lasting. We provide battery backup power systems, electric car charging stations, and solar carports. We have always and will always sell USA and EU manufactured products. Call SunPower Builders today, or simply send us a copy of a recent electric bill, and we will provide you with a free solar evaluation and investment analysis for your home or business.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Construction
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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  • National Energy Improvement Fund

Workmanship Warranty

The solar PV system in this contract is covered by a full 5-year warranty in addition to manufacturer’s warranties on specific components. Coverage includes all parts and labor, plus the cost of removing, shipping and reinstalling or replacing a defective component.

Manufacturers are responsible for replacing and shipping defective parts. SunPower Builders is responsible for coordinating the repair, replacement and/or removal and reinstallation of defective parts.


Business Incorporation: 26-4770996

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • B Corporation

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Success with One Regret

Going solar with John and his team was one of my smarter decisions. It is paying off more than I estimated. And it’s very satisfying to know that it also benefits the planet. Only regret is not doing it sooner. Gary S.

Posted by saylorson on Nov 25, 2018
Solar Panel Installation plus squirrel protection

SunPower Builders did a great job with our installation and were able to design an anti-squirrel system that has kept our panels safe from the evil critters for a couple of years. Thanks,

Posted by sadamswhite on Jun 11, 2018



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