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Intermountain Wind and Solar

Our Sales team works to maximize your investment and exceed expectations every step of the way. That begins with your custom proposal and in-person site survey. Intermountain Wind and Solar provides a free analysis of your system layout, cost and savings benefit, performance estimate, energy offset, preferred equipment, timeline to completion, and financing options. We want you to understand all of the details before moving forward with a contract.
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Poor communication

From initial signing of contract through permit process to installation, I requested information via countless emails and phone messages, but was ignored. Now that the installation is complete, I still do not have any documentation as to the products installed, warranties, etc. which were part of the contract. How can these people stay in business not talking to their customers before and after payment. Lack of communication and information results in low ratings. Only the salesman was excellent.

Posted by sieboldjl on Sep 30, 2021
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

With IWS, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. The crew of installers led by Caleb and the electrician, Greg, were excellent, efficient and attentive; they worked hard to fabricate a good product. The sales rep, Jason, was effective and attentive initially; he urged us to contact him if we had problems during the install, which we did have, but when we called, although he responded back once, it became quickly apparent that he had moved on and was not really interested in making sure things were right. The UGLY, focused on Chris, the Project manager. 1). From the beginning of the design phase, he did not return emails and neglected those we sent. We asked three times that a Tesla charger be included in the design plan, (which was included in the bid). He never made those changes, hence when the crew arrived, they were not aware of all the work required, nor did they have the materials and components necessary, costing us an extra day of work. When I contacted Chris, our assigned project manager, to make things worse, he lied about passing the information on to the installers and he put all the blame on them, never taking responsibility for his oversight, even after multiple reminders. When I spoke to Chris' supervisor, Ryan, about the issue, word go back to me that Ryan said, "Oh, that's just Chris' personality." And that was that. 2). IWS budgeted two days to complete the work, but when it was clear that they were not going to make the deadline, they made no effort to bring the crew back to finish. Instead, they moved them to the next job and didn't get back to us for two weeks. No progress, no projected timeline. 3). After the work was completed, the company scheduled the city/county inspection as promised, which went well. Following the inspection, the company was supposed to contact Rocky Mountain Power for the net meter installation, stating that it would be done within two weeks. At two weeks, we still had not heard from Rocky Mountain, so I contacted Chris, who said he would look into it--and sure enough the next day we had an email from the Power company, scheduling the meter change, which implies that IWS had never contacted them in the first place. And once again, to add insult to injury, Chris, our personal project manager, never responded back to explain what the issue had been, nor what had been done to resolve it. 4). Finally, because of a design snafu, which was understandable, we used 30 panels instead of the planned 31. This change was not communicated to billing and we were billed for all 31 panels, until I complained. In summary, the installation crew was experienced and very good--excellent problem solvers. Middle management, the people you need to see the project through, didn't respond to emails, ignored questions, and failed to follow through. They blamed others, and my impression is that they also told lies in order to avoid responsibility. THERE YOU HAVE IT. HARD TO RECOMMEND A COMPANY LIKE THAT. (but, at least the sun is shining and we now producing electricity.) Regards,

Posted by smerlescott on Jul 15, 2021



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