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Abundant Energy of Arkansas

Lowest cost per watt installed. Educating interested people in solar energy, what it can and can not do.
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Steve saved the day.

I called Steve on Friday and on Saturday morning he was at my home helping me with a difficult situation he stayed with it all day until he was able to solve the situation and get everything working

Posted by Dayw77 on Jan 27, 2024
Was left in a mess by another installer.

A Solar Company (I shall not name do to legal action by State of Arkansas) left me with a nonfunctional Solar System. Collected the money from the Lending Company then disappeared. Called Abundant Energy to inquire about them fixing the mess based on suggestions from an electrician. Abundant Energy brought the system up to code and corrected substandard wiring missing safety devices and a multitude of issues. I would use Abundant Energy agian without hesitation.

Posted by jcp66208 on May 05, 2023
Best Solar Company Ever!!!

I recently purchased a DIY kit from Abundant Energy of Arkansas and became overwhelmed when the semi's and UPS trucks started to arrive. Man there is a lot of components in a solar system. I called Steve at Abundant Energy of Arkansas and explained my problem and he scheduled a meeting with me at the house. Steve laid out everything and went over the drawings with me but I was still unsure about some of the wiring and installation. I eventually had Steve's crew do some of the installation while I did the rest. The job was a success. Everything looks and work's great! Now that it's been a few months, everything is still working great! If you want a solar system from a top notch company at half the price, give Abundant Energy of Arkansas a call. You won't be sorry!

Posted by Eddie_Chandler on Dec 09, 2020
Solar Poultry Farm

My electric bill was running in the 2000 dollar range so I called around and got a few estimates from different solar companies and found that Abundant Energy of Arkansas was about a little more than a dollar per watt cheaper than the other ones I called. The guys came out and did a survey, made some suggestions and gave me a quote. I used their suggestions and applied for the USDA grant and received a low interest loan for my poultry farm. The guys at Abundant Energy of Arkansas came out and installed a 300 KW system that reduced my electric bill to a negative amount the first month of operation. I am very pleased with the results, service, and professionalism the guys at Abundant Energy of Arkansas did for me and my farm. l would strongly recommend that if you want to go solar, give them a call!

Posted by dhoffman5778 on Jun 22, 2020
Off Grid Solar System

Our 1000 watt off grid system was not keeping the batteries charged and our Sundanzer refrigerator stopped working. We saw an advertisement on someone's t-shirt and called them. They replaced our 20 year old system and got us a new refrigerator at less than I could find anywhere on the internet. They did a great job. I would like to recommend Abundant Energy for any solar work you have.

Posted by docdavid.ragsdale on Oct 18, 2019



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