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NeoVolta Inc.

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My Experience with the NeoVolta NV14: Peace of Mind and Lower Bills

used to get anxious every time a storm rolled in, worrying about losing power. With the NeoVolta NV14, that worry is gone. This battery works seamlessly with my solar panels, storing up extra energy for when I need it most. Power outages are now just minor inconveniences – the lights stay on, the fridge keeps humming, and it feels good to be less dependent on the grid. Installation was a breeze, and I love that it's safe enough to be inside. Best of all, I've noticed a real difference in my energy bills. It's one of those investments that pays for itself over time. If you're considering solar battery storage, I'd definitely recommend taking a look at the NeoVolta NV14. It's been a great addition to our home.

Posted by coachdavepappas on Apr 01, 2024
Excellent product with unbeatable service.

We had our battery installed in August 2019. Brent (the CEO) came out and helped with the installation and he even helped solve a problem the solar panel installers had. Our battery kept us powered during the recent blackout and when it had a temporary charging error, the CEO came out within 15 min of me contacting him and helped fix it. I am so happy we went with Neovolta over Tesla — I’m very confident we couldn’t get any service from Tesla within minutes and definitely not from Mr. Musk.

Posted by dpolidori on Oct 26, 2019
NV14 Energy Storage System

NeoVolta's NV14 Energy Storage System is amazing! Combined with solar, this system keeps customers out of Time-of-Use pricing and backs up critical loads during grid outages. System installs in 4 hours or less. Amazing!

Posted by quatow on Jul 16, 2019