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Smart Wave Solar

At Smart Wave Solar we offer an amazing price, but that doesn't mean we cut corners! In fact, the opposite is true. We offer premium solar panels with a 25 year warranty that guarantees production. Most solar stops working when the power goes out; however, we offer an emergency power supply with our solar systems for no added cost. We provide excellent customer service. Check out our 5 star reviews online.
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Smart Wave Solar is one of the fastest growing installers with deep roots in the solar industry. Our solar energy systems provide you with an emergency power supply for no additional cost. Our systems aren't just about saving you money, they will provide you peace of mind.

Our solar installations include the industry's leading technology and products. Our install members hold the highest credentials and certifications. Generate solar energy and save money without sacrificing your curb appeal!
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Utah: (801) 944-7775 Colorado: (720) 547-3422
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Patented technology that allows your solar system to produce power even during grid outages.

  2. A+ accredited business with Better Business Bureau. 25-year workmanship and system production warranty.

  3. Local company with excellent communication during the solar installation process.

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Residential Solar Installation.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Community Solar

An expert group of solar professionals with over 20 years of combined experience.

Workmanship Warranty

25 years - parts, labor, and any roof leaks caused by installation. System production guarantee.




NABCEP Certified
REC Certified Installer
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  • Certified Solar Professional

What Customers Are Saying

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Professional experience

Steven responded very quickly by phone to my EnergySage request, then came to my home within 2 days and performed a site survey (outer/inner roof examination and electrical panel). He also was very nice to talk to about my options and provided many different possible system designs. Even though I eventually elected to not choose his company, I would still recommend to my friends to get a quote from them as they are thorough and competitive.

Posted by scott.poppers on Dec 08, 2023
unsatisfied, complete scam, waste of time

We had an appointment with Smart Wave Solar representative Randy , and decided not to proceed with solar panel installation at this time, however we never received an Amazon gift card that was promised to us before an appointment. Do not waste your time with the company that do not deliver on the promises.

Posted by alan_z13 on Sep 12, 2023
Outstanding experience!

We just had a great experience using Smart Wave Solar to install our solar system in Lone Tree, CO. We’ve heard some horror stories from a few of our neighbors when they installed theirs with other companies. We started our project by looking at impartial 3rd party Google reviews and reviews in and After a detailed review of proposals we received from several of the top rated, local solar system installers, we selected Smart Wave Solar’s Denver team. Smart Wave exceeded all of our expectations during the design and installation of our system. Our only issue was the time it took our electric utility company to review our project and get our interconnection agreement so we could start construction, but I understand they’ve reduced their backlog and have significantly improved their review times. Our experience began with Smart Wave’s sales rep. Dan’s honesty and transparency during the proposal process. Something you don’t always see with some of the other solar system installers. Next was their well structured, project management approach used on their projects. What impressed us the most was the outstanding communication and quick response by Smart Wave’s Project Coordinator, Darcy, throughout the job. On our job, she was able to reach back to the rest of their team and get questions and actions resolved quickly. Other things that impressed us were their competitive pricing, use of premium components in their systems, good documentation, warranties and outstanding value. And we like the fact that we can monitor and record the output of each of our solar panels online. Based on our recent experience, we highly recommend Smart Wave Solar.

Posted by polarman on Apr 24, 2023
Slow to take responsibility

was a huge fan of Smart Wave Solar and actually referred them to others but then the installation happened. All the plans were approved but during the install it was discovered that they needed to change the location of our main panel and nothing was communicated to me beforehand. In the words of Rocky Mountain Power "New meter panel location was not reviewed or discussed with appropriate RMP agents prior to installation. New meter panel location has created new clearance violations that do not meet Electric Service Requirements. The service line is too close to the roof and is exceeding the maximum length across the roof." This violation was corrected and everything is correct now. Through this process I felt Smart Wave Solar was quick to blame others, slow to apologize or take responsibility and unprofessional. The best example I can give you is this, I left my house while they were correcting the height of the powerline. I had to run back to get something and decided to see how everything was going. When I got to the crew I noticed they were using my ladder. I asked the 3 techs if it was my ladder and 2 said yes and one said no. Then one continued to explain why they needed to use it and no apology was given for using it without asking. I am easy going and wouldn't have had an issue if they communicated it to me. In the end, two thirds of your experience will be great but the one third has potential to ruin it and it was ruined for me.

Posted by connor.barlow29 on Jan 31, 2023
Smart move

Smart Wave Solar gave me the lowest quote for a high quality system. I went with 23-400 Watt REC panels and Enphase inverters. I agreed to flexible installation timing which might make the installation quicker (my hope) or it might not. It did have intermittent starts and stops. It is hard to say what the installation time would be if I insisted on a more rigid installation timing. The installation time took 4 months total, with expected delays in obtaining permits and inspections. This is within the timeframe I was expecting. Smart Wave Solar set me up with a contact person I could contact with questions and who kept me informed as to when I could expect the various stages of installation to occur. There were some hiccups but nothing that I feel was exceptionally bad. I was told, and believe, part of the delays were related to supply problems related to Covid as well as what I think were labor related delays with moving into a new market for Smart Wave. I am pleased with the system as to it's operation and energy saving. I would recommend Smart Wave Solar if you are planning for solar installation.

Posted by genejn on Oct 28, 2022
Honest, clear communication

Had a great experience with this company. Quality product.

Posted by chrisgrantmke on Aug 12, 2022



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