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Meyer Burger

The most sustainable panel available, which also produces more kWh's per square meter than standard solar technology by using proprietary Hetero-junction technology with our patented SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT™). Maker of both the cell and the module. Made in Germany. Designed in Switzerland. Now in the USA.
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About Meyer Burger

For 70 years we have manufactured, developed, and invented precision machinery, 30 years of which have been in solar. Having been the builder of technology for many solar panel companies to date, Meyer Burger decided to enter into the panel and cell manufacturing space directly. As the largest solar manufacturer in Europe, and the only German one to produce our own cells, we will be expanding our growth to the United States in 2024. A module plant will be added in Goodyear, Arizona, and a cell production plant in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Phone Number
(833) 462-6415
Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. 70 year old company with 30 years in solar technology

  2. 100% free of toxic lead and PFAS

  3. More kWh's produced than standard panels, even with higher wattage

Services Offered

  • Manufacturing

What Customers Are Saying

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Meyer Burger is a great solar panels, looks great and performs well!

We've been using the Meyer Burger 390w Black solar module for a few months now and really like what we are seeing. The module looks great, is shipped very well, is sturdy and overall looks to be a great solar panel both in the box and on the roof. The smaller footprint is helpful when designing systems and carrying the solar panels to the roof. As an installer, we really recommend this solar module!

Posted by Ryan Lettau from Home Team Energy on Apr 26, 2024
Our Go-To Panel in FL and TX

1. The Product - The 380 and 385 Black panels have become our go-to in our home markets of TX and FL due to their durability and heat coefficients. We specialize in high end battery backup systems for clients looking to fortify their homes against storms and other disasters, so durability is a HUGE criteria for us. With the exceptionally hot roof top temperatures we experience, heat coefficient is also a massive factor that is often overlooked by our competition. Additionally, especially for the roof shapes we often see in TX particularly, the small frame size is a huge benefit to getting the production we need to physically fit on the space we have to work with. 2. The Company - When vetting manufacturers, I need to believe in the product (see above) and the company. We are setting our clients up for a 25+ year relationship with these companies. I am very happy with the engineering expertise that goes into these products, and our rep Abby has been one of the best I have experienced yet in the entire industry. Very responsive, doesn't BS us, gets us answers and makes connections as needed.

Posted by mike on Apr 26, 2024
Superior product next to none.

Meyer burger modules are superior not only the module but company as well. The history and technology put behind this module are second to none. With the sleek black design along with other models. The smart wire technology taking soldering failures out of the equation. You can't put a more investable panel on your roof. The companies support team is fantastic and helps you with anything you need.

Posted by Mike lane from Bob Heinmiller Solar Solutions, LLC on Dec 14, 2023
Top Tier Panel

My company has been offering Meyer Burger in Arizona and our customers love it! I have been in the industry for 32 years and have used my fair share of modules! The performance is great in the heat, the panel is well built and the warranty cannot be beat. The company is also opening in AZ next year which is the icing on the cake!

Posted by mohavesolar from Mohave Solar on Nov 29, 2023
Meyer Burgers' Outstanding Premium Product

One standout feature of Meyer Burger's solar modules is their cutting-edge technology. The incorporation of high-efficiency solar cells ensures maximum energy production, making them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. The modules boast an impressive power output, contributing significantly to harnessing solar energy effectively. Reliability is a crucial factor when investing in solar technology, and Meyer Burger doesn't disappoint. The modules are built with durability in mind, featuring robust materials and meticulous craftsmanship. This not only ensures a long lifespan but also makes them well-suited to withstand various environmental conditions. In addition to their professional competence, our account manager displayed a personable and friendly demeanor. Their approachability made communication effortless, creating a positive and collaborative working relationship. It's refreshing to work with someone who not only excels in their role but also makes the customer feel valued and understood.

Posted by babel on Nov 27, 2023
Top quality & commitment to US manufacturing

We have used the Meyer Burger panels for quite a while now. We are very excited about their investments in R&D, their status as second to none and their commitment to a 100% US made product! Not just assembly here. Looking forward a long and mutually beneficial relationship!

Posted by Michigan Solar Solutions - The Solution Rises Every Morning! from Michigan Solar Solutions on Nov 24, 2023