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Authorized SunPower Dealer, HyperG Solar

Our team has a simple job! To offer you the amazing service of SunPower for the lowest price. SunPower installs your system, and manages your project start to finish. We take care of the entire customer service and sales process on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free transition to clean, renewable energy.

By choosing to go solar with HyperG Solar, you not only unlock substantial cost savings but also guarantee yourself access to the highest-quality solar panels and service standards in the industry. Your journey towards sustainable energy begins here, without compromise.
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About Authorized SunPower Dealer, HyperG Solar

SunPower believes clean energy and storage should be accessible to every family.

-SunPower designs all-in-one residential solutions backed by personalized customer care and an industry-leading warranty. With an impressive 40-year legacy in solar, we've outlasted our own 25-year warranty.
-SunPower has been in business for 39 years this year.
-SunPower has over 5,800 five star reviews.
-SunPower has completed over 550,000 installations, with local offices all across the United States.
-SunPower is the highest rated solar company in the USA.
-SunPower engineers, procures, finances, constructs and maintains solar power plants to generate power from solar panels.
-We have local offices all over the country.
-A diverse portfolio of cutting-edge residential and solar storage solutions.
-Pioneers of the world's highest efficiency solar panels, featuring SunPower® Maxeon® cell technology.
-A trailblazer in solar sustainability and social responsibility.
-Holder of over 1,000 solar innovation patents, solidifying our industry leadership.
-SunPower only partners with vetted, reliable, and honest companies to install and sell their products and services. We are one of those companies.

How We Do Things:

HyperG Solar is an Authorized Dealer for SunPower, which means that we are a less expensive point of contact for SunPower services.

-We are one of the first companies to be able to offer a Solar-As-A-Service Program on EnergySage.

This program is a no-debt, no upfront payment solution to going solar. It allows you to have a predictable monthly payment for electricity, and the system is fully managed by SunPower for 25 years.

-Ownership- You can own your system through paying cash, or using one of our dozens of financing options available.

- 25 years of warranties for entire system

- 40 year warranty for Maxeon Solar Panels

-System monitoring is included in your project through the mySunPower app. Download on your phone so that you can see your production in real-time.

-Our lender partner offers particularly strong Solar-Savings Options. Over 80% of our homeowners are choosing to lease panels to avoid debt and upfront costs, as well as avoiding the complications and high cost of ownership.

-We can offer a variety of equipment options, including state of the art Maxeon 440W panels, with the lowest degradation rate in the industry.

-We review your bill with you to see how you’re using energy, and how the energy company is charging you

-We do offer in-person site visits for maximum accuracy

-We are able to secure a battery and installer solar/roofing within the next month.
We prioritize aesthetics. (e.g. move blockages on the roof, hide conduit, add skirts).

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect on your way to solar power:

1. Site Survey: We'll schedule a site survey, during which our experienced technician will visit your home to assess your roof, main panel, and attic. This is to ensure that your home is ready for solar installation, and if any additional work is needed, we'll identify it at this stage.
-If you need roof work or electrical work, this is the time that the work will be determined, and the costs will be added to the project. SunPower will manage the roof work and the electrical work with your solar project.

2. Final Design: After your home evaluation, our engineering team will provide you with a final design, including production numbers and any necessary improvements. Your approval of this design is essential to proceed.

3. Permits and Agreements: Our permitting department will handle the submission and payment of permits required for your installation. We will also submit your Net Metering Agreement to your utility company, covering all associated costs.

4. Installation Date: Once permits are in order, we'll schedule your installation date. Be sure to keep an eye on your email and voicemail for project-related communications.

5. Final Inspection: After installation, a local government representative will inspect your new home improvement project to ensure it complies with building, electrical, and safety codes. Once approved, the project is considered complete.

6. Electric Connection: Your electric company will give the green light to connect your system to the grid.

7. Turn It On: With your solar project now connected, you can finally flip the switch and start generating clean, renewable power for your home. Congratulations!

Let's make your transition to solar energy smooth and hassle-free. Contact us to schedule a call.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. HyperG Solar delivers Outstanding Value: We provide SunPower Services for less than you'd get them from SunPower directly.

  2. Highest Rated Installer in the Industry: SunPower has cutting-edge panel technology & highest efficiency ratings on the market, comprehensive warranties & support, and a focus on sustainability through environmentally friendly practices in operations.

  3. Top Notch Customer Service: We add another layer of customer service to expedite requests & updates with SunPower. HyperG Solar understands how to get a system installed and all of the things required. You can trust us to get your system installed as effi

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Advanced installers are among the top half of companies on the Marketplace for responsiveness, reputation, results.

We speak

English; Spanish

Make timely payments to SunPower and maintain your high-speed internet connection for your system. Notify SunPower with any issues within 24 hours of your knowledge so that they can assist immediately.
1)Extending the contract 2)Buy the equipment 3)Have the system removed. You will receive notification that the contract end date is approaching and will need to let SunPower how you want to proceed.
Yes, SunPower will walk you through the process to buy out your PPA or Lease.
SunPower keeps track of your production, and guarantees that their installed system will produce 92% of the originally promised production by the end of 25 years.
If you obtain a 25 year lease/PPA, SunPower will repair/replace your battery at no additional cost to you. Under a purchase, the warranty is 10 years.

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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Our team is fully remote, allowing you to make your home improvement project decisions easy, without pressure. -We provide top-notch customer service and are known for impeccable communication with our homeowners -We help expedite requests to SunPower, and act as your advocate to make sure you’re getting the best of the best services. -We offer unbeatable affordability for SunPower services -We take all of the hassle out of going solar, by taking care of the entire customer service and sales process on your behalf, ensuring a seamless transition to renewable energy -We offer THREE main points of contact throughout the entire solar process. One will be your SunPower Project Coordinator, and one will be your EnergySage Consultant at HyperG Solar, and the other will be the owner of HyperG Solar, Billy. - We provide our direct email and phone number to our homeowners. You can call us or text us at anytime. -The owner is involved in the sales process. -Our preliminary designs are all done before the site survey, allowing homeowners to have accurate information before signing any documents. -We are extremely responsive. -We can teach you, your family, and your friends all about solar and the installation process. -We can easily help you find the best solar option for your home. -We will pay you if you refer a friend who goes solar with us!

Associated product manufacturers

  • Sunpower

Associated installers

  • SunPower

Workmanship Warranty

SunPower offers the famous Equinox Complete Confidence Warranty, an industry-leading solar system warranty. (See Videos and Photos Attached).

- 25 years for panels, microinverters, racking system, monitoring, battery backup. Replacements are free for the entire term.

-25 year warranties for panels, microinverters, and racking system.
- Monitoring hardware is covered for 10 years. Extended Warranty Available.
-Batteries are covered for 10 years.


Sung Y Chung, HIS License, California. # 148181 SP
Hannah Maher, HIS license, California. # 124318 SP
Certified Energy Solar Consultant, Billy Chung
Certified Energy Solar Consultant, Hannah Maher
Certified Energy Solar Consultant, Sarah Thomas


State Farm Insurance


SunPower Authorized Dealer- We are a carefully vetted company, approved to sell SunPower services.

We are very experienced with HOA's.

California CPUC Certified- We are licensed to be able to legally advise homeowners on making the decision to go solar.

Licensed for residential solar in Nevada- Our team follows local and federal laws in every state to offer homeowners solar solutions.

Our EnergySage team has combined experience of 20 years in the solar industry- providing homeowners with top-tier expertise.

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Sunpower Authorized Dealer

What Customers Are Saying

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Great Customer Service!

I was very nervous to go to solar, it's such a big project. I spoke to 7 dealers but Billy not only gave me the best pricing but also walked me through the whole process beginning to end. He reassured me that he would be there for the whole duration of my solar project and gave me all his personal contact info. I've heard a lot of solar stories about some going quick and other dragging on but knowing Billy is here to help has given me the peace of mind I needed to move forward with my solar project!

Posted by helenlu772 on Dec 04, 2023
Excellent experience!

This company really went the extra mile to insure a good and smooth solar implementation. While there were some challenges in my install, they were always there to answer my questions and concerns. The process is not quick, but they were able to meet key deadlines and requirements that I had

Posted by cvelardejr on Nov 28, 2023
Best company to work with!

They were so very professional and easy to work with from the initial consultation until the final inspection. They were so easy to work with, they took care of everything. They walked me through all the steps including permitting and install was quick clean and professional. I was very happy with them.

Posted by talinyesaie on Nov 19, 2023
Great customer service

This company really focuses on good service, friendly, kind and follow through - they always respond when I call or they will call me back right away. They really fight for what is right for you. I'm happy to give them five stars every day of the year.

Posted by Francisco on Nov 17, 2023
Excellent Service

Billy and Sarah were amazing! They made the process of getting solar simple, smooth and convenient. They helped at every step from choosing the system to getting permits to setting up installation. Would highly recommend them.

Posted by ttrainbow04 on Nov 10, 2023
Responsive and pleasant to work with

They were very quick to respond and explained everything very clearly when deciding the solar setup. They also were very helpful during the transition to solar power reps and were helpful with questions during the whole process.

Posted by mrjuggalo82 on Nov 10, 2023



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