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About BriteLease

BriteLease from Suntech is a solar leasing program. BriteLease from Suntech makes going solar affordable from day one with a low up-front deposit and low monthly lease payments. Your customized solar system will help you save on your electric bill and when combined with your monthly lease payment, you’ll most likely be paying less that what you are paying the utility company today.

With BriteLease, you’ll receive great service with the highest quality products available on the market:
Insurance – We fully insure the system against damage, loss or theft.
Repair & Maintenance Included – A full “bumper to bumper” warranty including all parts, labor, and performance.
System Monitoring – Remote system monitoring is included for the entire term of your lease.
Performance Guaranty – Our detailed design process assures you that you’ll be getting a system that will produce the power we say it will, guaranteed.
Flexible Ownership Options - In the event that your situation changes, whether it is a move or a desire to purchase, we give you multiple options to choose from.
Phone Number
(800) 762-3220