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Tangerine Power

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About Tangerine Power

Tangerine Power develops "crowd-funded" clean energy systems. We provide a community-driven way for businesses, nonprofits, and local governments to "go solar".

A SunSlicetm supports community-scale solar energy and provides you with tangible benefits. We make it possible for you to buy a Solar Panel on a roof in your neighborhood for a thousand dollars or less. We find people who have great solar roofs but need your support to get solar installed. SunSlicetm buyers gain benefits from an asset they can see in their neighborhood: a clean, silent solar power panel.

Our SunSlicetm solar membership is appropriate for customers regardless of the sun exposure or ownership situation at their own property.

Tangerine Power's community-owned asset base of solar power plants will serve as an expandable power source that is exempt from fuel-price volatility and will last for decades, building community wealth in the process.
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