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Think back to the last major purchase you made. Was it a car? A vacation? A house? A new phone or laptop? Before you made that purchase, how many days–or weeks or months–did you spend researching, and how many different options did you look at before finally deciding on the right one for you? If you’re like most people, you probably spent somewhere between a few weeks and a few months researching, comparing multiple different options in the process. 

And why should storage be any different? Storage is a major purchase and one that is often accompanied by significant complexity. 

That’s where EnergySage can help. We take the hard work out of finding, calling, and trying to compare energy storage quotes from different installers by gathering custom storage quotes from local installers on your behalf and putting them in an easy-to-compare, side-by-side format.

And the best part? EnergySage is completely free for you to use.

Find out what solar + batteries cost in your area in 2023
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There are two primary reasons that comparing multiple quotes can save you money on energy storage: competition and transparency. The competition effect means that each additional quote you receive for storage will help you to find the right battery for you at the right price. Transparency can be trickier to put a price tag on, but for a market that has historically been as opaque as the solar or storage industry, knowing what equipment will be installed on your roof–and the quality of that equipment–helps to ensure you're getting the best solution for your needs.


There are a few key components to review in storage quotes, and EnergySage makes it easy to compare each one head-to-head.

What to look for in the design of your storage system

Every battery installation is unique, and with the number of energy storage options currently available in the market, it's possible to design exactly the right system to meet your needs. With variations in everything from the storage capacity of a battery to the chemistry used to store electricity inside the battery, gathering multiple quotes for storage is a great way to ensure that you've considered all of your options and are comfortable with the system you ultimately select.

When comparing different energy storage designs, ask your installer why they chose the specific battery they did, how they chose the power rating and storage capacity to fit your needs, and how much experience they have installing batteries (including whether they're certified to install the specific battery you've been quoted). 

What to look for in battery equipment

There are a number of different key criteria to keep in mind when comparing different batteries, from the power and capacity ratings, to the roundtrip efficiency and the battery lifetime, to even the safety and chemistry of the battery. Different people will have different priority requirements for their energy storage systems, but generally speaking, the three most important metrics to compare are: 

  • Power rating: which appliances in your home can your battery power at once; 

  • Usable capacity: how long can your battery keep those appliances on; and

  • Lifetime warranty/cycles: how many years will your battery last.

What to consider with different storage financing options

Most homeowners own their energy storage system, so the primary question is whether you want to pay your battery upfront or monthly for your battery? A cash purchase requires more capital upfront but is the way to see the largest savings from your energy storage system. A storage or solar-plus-storage loan allows you to still own the system–and take advantage of any tax incentives or other rebates–while spacing the cost out over time with monthly payments. 

If you're leasing a solar panel system, your solar company should be able to roll the cost of energy storage into your monthly payments if you'd like to add a battery to your system.

What to look for in a storage installer

At the end of the day, the most important thing to consider is the installer who will install your system. You'll want a reputable company, with experience installing energy storage in your area, with all the appropriate certifications, and who you can count on to pick up the phone in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with your system. With storage (even more so than with solar), it's paramount to find an installer who is certified to install the specific battery you want and who can explain how they sized the storage system specific to your situation and needs.

When you select an installer through EnergySage, you can be sure that the installer is screened and vetted by our team: we work with the best solar and storage companies in your area to help provide confidence in your purchase. Beyond that peace of mind, it's good to know what sort of experience other real homeowners had with the installers you're comparing. That's where installer reviews on EnergySage can help. Major purchases always feel better with a referral from a friend, family member, or neighbor, and when you look at installer reviews on EnergySage, it's like gaining access to a nationwide referral network. Check to see if a review is from a verified EnergySage shopper whose experience will be very similar to yours. 

EnergySage is the nation's online marketplace for solar and storage: when you sign up for a free account, we connect you with companies in your area who compete for your business with custom solar-plus-storage quotes tailored to your needs. Over 10 million people come to EnergySage each year to learn about, shop for, and invest in solar and home batteries. Sign up today to see how much you can save.

Find out what solar + batteries cost in your area in 2023
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