Florida heat pump incentives: 2024 guide

Florida heat pump incentives

Heat pumps are a great fit for Florida’s hot climate. One-third of all homes in the state already rely on these electric, energy-efficient, all-in-one HVAC systems, and it’s easy to find models that can meet all your heating, cooling, and dehumidification needs. As of 2024, most Florida residents will qualify for at least a couple thousand dollars in incentives to install a heat pump—as long as it's a relatively energy-efficient model.


  • High-efficiency heat pumps are eligible for up to $2,000 in federal tax credits.

  • Many utility companies in Florida offer modest incentives. It's typically around a few hundred dollars, but it varies.

  • You can generally stack or combine federal and local heat pump incentives.

We've covered the Inflation Reduction Act's biggest pro-heat pump incentives in detail, though Florida is a special case.

  • Any taxpaying household can claim a $2,000 federal tax credit (or 30% of the price, whichever is less) against the cost to install an air-source heat pump that meets modest efficiency requirements. Since it’s a tax credit, rather than a direct rebate, you’re only eligible for as much free money as you owe the IRS in a particular year. You can claim the rebate with tax form 5695, the same one you'd use for solar panels.

  • Larger, income-dependent rebates of up to $8,000 that were a big part of the hubbub around the IRA will not become available in Florida, at least as it stands right now. In summer 2023, Governor DeSantis declined the allocation of federal money that would have gone toward funding this rebate program. Technically, the state has until August 2024 to change its mind and accept the funding.

According to the DSIRE database, about a dozen utility companies around Florida offer rebates to customers who install heat pumps. The savings can range from $25 up to $1,630, depending on the utility company, and sometimes the efficiency and size of the system. But most people should expect to qualify for a few hundred dollars in rebates—nothing major compared to the cost of a new HVAC system, but a nice incentive. Follow your utility company's instructions to claim the rebates.

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