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Impartial solar educational resources

Awareness of solar has never been higher and pricing never lower, but people don't know where to start. So they look to trusted resources, like beloved brands, to guide them in the right direction. EnergySage hosts the largest amount of solar educational resources available today. We do not favor a particular vendor and the information we provide is unbiased – we're simply focused on being comprehensive and consumer-friendly. Guide your audience to our resources so they can go solar with confidence today!

High-impact solar program 

Because EnergySage is a trusted solution, corporations throughout the country have used the Marketplace as a platform for offering a simple, actionable solar option. In addition to all of the great features for consumers, EnergySage offers marketing materials and reporting tools that help corporations communicate their message and easily track campaign performance. Solar programs with EnergySage have some of the highest engagement in the industry. They make contributing to the greater good easy for you and your stakeholders!

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EnergySage empowers consumers through our transparent marketplace.

Companies value the engagement with their employees and the environmental action. 

“Our partnership with EnergySage is a natural extension of our commitment to help our customers run their businesses and homes more sustainably. This relationship provides them a simple way to learn about and install solar for a great price, lower their electricity bills, and reduce their impact on the planet.”

Jake Swenson, Director of Sustainable Products and Services
Staples, Inc.

EnergySage offers a range of tools for your audience.

Solar Marketplace

Vendor-neutral online comparision-shopping marketplace with live Solar Advisor support.

Solar Calculator

Immediate estimate of a property's specific solar potential, including solar economics.

Solar Learning Center

The most comprehensive, objective solar educational articles and videos available on the web.

Program Reporting

Track your program easily with real-time online reports.

Why work with EnergySage

Provide access to honest advice with expert Solar Advisors

Protect stakeholders from high pressure sales and poor-quality installers 

Enhance brand loyalty by connecting your audience to a valuabe resource

Achieve national coverage with one solar partner

Access real-time performance metrics in online dashboard

Turnkey marketing solutions and support

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EnergySage is the partner of choice for corporations. View our partner overview PDF for more detail about how EnergySage partnerships work.

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