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We went Solar in Michigan!

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We have optimal orientation, tilt and no shade or obstrictions. South facing approximately 30 degree tilt

Other Benefits:

Green energy and excitement for our family that we are helping the environment.

Maintenance Requirements:

Will have to update, our system currently has a 10 year labor warranty.

My Motivation:

Benefit the environment, with the tax credits it brought the loan cost to what we pay on our electric bill anyway so why not be green? And our loan will be paid off in 11 years and we will still be producing solar power.


Check out my blog link below that details our experience with solar. We used Energy Sage and Yellowlite please read if you want to learn more. I update solar progress occassionally as our system is just under a month old.

Experience with Installer:

Our overall experience was great with our vendor and installers. Our biggest problem was with our electric provider DTE. It was a waiting game with them to approve the application, install and even the system being turned on. We signed and began paying for the system 11-21-17 and finally went live 2-23-18.

Additional Notes:

My blog details all and has photos. I will be updating savings there, still have not received my first DTE bill.

Open House Info:

We hope to do this in the future.

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annual savings
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