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Panels were installed on the east and south sides of our home. Our home faces the north which lends itself well suited to add solar panels. Currently we pay $25.66 a month connection fee. Last year we had a surplus of 4.2 megawatts for which we received a credit of over $250 that covered 10 months of connection fees.

Maintenance Requirements:

The system has been maintenance free since installed. The panels survived one hail storm and is supposed to handle hail up to one inch in size.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We had windows replaced with energy efficient high impact windows on three sides of our home prior to having the solar system installed.

My Motivation:

At the time we contracted to have the PV system installed we had only been in the home less than a year. I had to estimate our energy usage based on the data I had at the time. I estimated that the payments on the system were going to be close to the monthly cost currently being paid. My motivation was to keep inflation in check being on a fixed income.


Do your research. It is a big undertaking to move to solar power and many considerations to factor into a decision. A homes orientation relative to the sun and any trees or other obstruction to sunlight are a major factor. Also, if the home is in an area subject to frequent hail storms that could increase the risk to your system that needs to be another major factor.

Experience with Installer:

Our installers were professional and efficient being able to get the job done in two days. They could have done it in one day but were hampered by weather during installation. There was a delay in getting the system approved by the county but the company helped cover the cost impact due to the delay.

Additional Notes:

Our system only provides energy to our home when the power is available from the energy company. That hasn't been an issue to date but in an area prone to hurricanes that possibly could be an issue in the future. If we installed a battery backup system then we would not be subject to power outages.

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