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Roof-mounted solar PV system - 54 REC Alpha Pure 405w panels with IQ8A Enphase micro inverters. EV charger installed for future EV car purchase.

Other Benefits:

Chose REC Alpha-Pure panels for their high efficiency, and higher output expected after 25 years, giving any future homeowner a higher value from the solar PV installation compared with some other common panels. 30% federal tax credit is also a plus, giving us a relatively short payback period.

My Motivation:

Primary motivation was two-fold -- long-term energy cost savings and use of green energy for a positive impact on climate change.


Do your homework, leveraging EnergySage as well as the installers that qive you quotes. Be realistic, regarding how much sun you normally get wherever the Solar PV system will be installed. ASK QUESTIONS, no matter how small or trivial they might seem. Read the installer reviews, not just on EnergySage, but on the installer sites as well.

Experience with Installer:

Great team of installers, all company employees. Took care of the job as if it was their own home. Answered any questions I had during the installation work, and explained what they were doing. Actively participated in decisions regarding conduit runs and appearance/visibility of the equipment components.

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