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Tesla - Profile & Reviews

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to drive electric – that electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than gasoline cars. Today, Tesla builds not only all-electric vehicles but also infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products. Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better.

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  • "Love the Powerwall"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2020

    I had two Tesla Powerwalls installed in May. After a month, I'm seeing about 41% of our peak power coming from our solar-charged Powerwall and 31% direct from solar. It's great to have the benefit of both full-home backup and more efficient use of our solar. Great product!

  • "Excellent experience and well engineered Powerwalls"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2020
    "Excellent experience and well engineered Powerwalls"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2020

    I had 2 powerwalls installed to help out an existing Sunpower 6KW solar system. The Tesla crew installed those puppies in a day and a half, professionally done. The system works very well & looks good.
    Seamlessly survived two grid outages already and my power bill went down since I now can pull and even push from the powerwalls during peak hours. great stuff really.
    The scheduling and all was smooth.
    Love the app & APIs, I have my own aggregate monitoring tool in place so i can optimize my power usage.

  • "25% more kWh Usage since installing Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 18, 2020
    "25% more kWh Usage since installing Solar"

    Reviewed Jun 18, 2020

    Since installing solar panels, my home has magically used between 20-35% more kWh than ever before. Called Tesla and all they say is call your other electric company and have them run a meter test. as well as an energy audit of your home. Called and scheduling the meter test immediately. Current company does not provide energy audit of home. Just know solar has not been cheaper for us, and its not just the cost per kWh. It is the kWh consumption. They will try and dance around the issue, but for us it has been unreal. And we are locked into a 20 year contract. Buyer Beware!!!

  • "No Integrity Poor Service"

    Reviewed May 20, 2020

    The Website:

    I first try to apply for a 2 system setup online. Fail 1- the website will not let me finish as the cash option is only available and will not let me process anyway. I contact support, who initially and hastily says it is my computer. I assure them it is not as I have tried it on a chromebook, a macbook, an Imac, a surface pro, 2 tablets, 2 phones and 2 PCs (I was on a mission). They immediately respond with it must be my connection then. Once again I respond with, no, I have tried it on my mobile 4g lte connection, hardlined, wifi, and at a neighbors who has a different isp, I am on google fiber and he is on xfinity. Only now does the Tesla tech look at the website and respond with I will need to try again the next day.

    I apply the following day with a 2 system setup. When I first get the drawings it is for a 1 system. I call in and ask and they explain that my drawings are for what I asked. I explain again I requested a 2 system setup, then they check again, verify I did, in fact request 2 systems, then call and have my system revised.


    As the paperwork was sent I read and signed all within 24 hours, and the system kept failing to mark them complete when they were and I would have to call Tesla and let them know, then I would receive phone calls, emails, and texts informing me I had not completed the paperwork and the Tesla employees would assure me I had not given it was showing on my dashboard. I would, once again have to prove to Tesla, I had done my part.


    According to the dashboard my permits had been submitted, and all I needed to do was wait and for my installation date, July 23, 2019. One week prior, I received a text confirming the installation date. On 7/22/19 I receive another text saying my installation will need to be rescheduled to 9/3/19 due to needing more action, with no further explanation. When I call to ask, the woman who responds tells me I should have known the dates were tentative and this is normal and it has been explained. I explain that it was not, and the text confirming my installation said nothing of it being tentative and a one day before text is unacceptable. She responds again saying that I knew and its my problem. I speak to multiple supervisors who offer no explanation until I get to a David who discovers generic permits were submitted and rejected. The permitting department claimed they were trying a pilot program to expedite permits. I said this was impossible as Provo city rejected the plans 2 days after receiving them and Tesla did not respond or react for almost 3 weeks. If it were a pilot program to expedite then they would not be waiting the standard amount of time and I should have been informed. I have also yet to receive copies of the forms submitted, though I have requested 3-4 times.


    On top of being delayed multiple times, I was assured by David the 3rd of Sept would be the final delay of my solar installation. I received a call today to push it back yet again to the 5th of September.


    They damaged my home, they have no cohesiveness as a company, it took 2 additional months for install and another 3 after install to get my home repaired. Initial install was done incorrectly as most panels had to be rewired and jobsite was left messy and rolls of tape under the panels. Staff were uninformed and talked me out of purchasing 2 powerwalls which I wanted dearly. System went down within 2 months of install due to faulty equipment. Please use someone else!

  • "Lower prices do come at a cost"

    Reviewed Oct 30, 2019

    We just installed 13 Tesla (made by Panasonic) panels on our roof. The experience was good overall. They have a team in Las Vegas that does all the coordination and scheduling. And they are easily reachable/available via email/phone/text.

    While all the people at Tesla Energy have been a pleasure to work with, it is Tesla's approach to keeping costs down that caused some friction and anxiety. Tesla did not visit our home until the day of the install. And they did all the design online. In other words, they did not do a site survey. And as a result on the day of the install, the installers had to do some design work. Our home being 40+ years old, the main panel was only rated for 100 amps. And installers thought a main panel upgrade is the only way solar could be installed at my property. And that's a service Tesla doesn't provide. I had to call electricians for a bid on MPU and if any of them could come do it the same day. And MPU turned out to be a multi thousand dollar job. And that would extend the already long solar break-even period by couple more years. I was almost going to give up on solar. But later the crew came up with a alternative plan by moving some breakers around and creating some room in my sub panel. And they had to downgrade my main breaker to 90 amps so as to not exceed 120% capacity code allows (Stuff I don't understand too well). And they also had to put to new grounding rods (through my pavers, not pretty at all) and run the bare copper on the front of the house (again, not pretty) to water main (water bonding), all because they couldn't find the existing grounding and didn't want to fail inspection. And finally, our install was complete.

    However, because the original plan had inverter on the outside by the main panel and they installed it on the inside by the sub panel, city inspector did not pass the inspection. Tesla had to redo the plan and then reschedule the inspection. It took us three weeks after the install to pass inspection. (On a side note, inspector told us that that houses of this age do have grounding and we may have passed inspection without the new grounding rods, thus saving all the ugly contraption.) Now I am stuck with it.

    Despite all this, I am not mad because all Tesla staff were honest and friendly. So, if your home is older and you choose Tesla Energy, insist on getting a site survey before the install.

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  • "Wowed, but not perfect: Install August 2019"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2019
    "Wowed, but not perfect: Install August 2019"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2019

    I recently had 26 panels installed under Tesla's new program where you put down $99 on their website and they do the design on the phone. They only have select packages to make their design and installation cost lower than the competition. I was a little nervous as all the other key players and a local company came out, did surveys.

    Tesla was the most knowledgeable and their installation was more than 30% less than the lest expensive competitor. This is for the exact same kW.

    The program worked. They were pretty accessible, not perfect, but if you called the main number, some one had access to all our dialog including texts if my key sales or program manager was not in the office. There was some confusion about who would paint the conduit and install side trims, but it was ironed out perfectly within a few moments without me whining. They really wanted to do a good job.

    I have black on black panels with black side trims just like on their website and I will tell you, they look fantastic compared to other installations I've seen. I provided three paint colors for conduit to match my house, trim and roof and they used all three. They minimize the use of conduit and ran it through the basement to minimize visible conduit. If you care about aesthetics, no one does a better job from all my looking at other homes with solar.

    To be fair, I am still waiting to be connected to the grid and the city inspector needs to do a final inspection, but I have no doubt in their purchase and installation process. This is not the old Solar City I was nervous about.

    If anything changes, you can be sure I'll update this review.

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  • "Professional Quote and Install"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2019

    Right from the start the professionalism was amazing. No pressure, my rep even accepted a quote from EnergySage and they "price matched" it (came close, but not identical) which saved me $$$$. I am sure my rep was getting sick of me, as I kept changing my mind on what and how many panels I wanted on my house and detached garage. 4 or 5 designs later I finally signed the contract (after the "price match"). The full survey and install went smooth and all workers were super professional. They even replaced the roof on my home and included it in the loan - beat the price of other local roofing quotes. Obviously it was a longer process than normal because of the roof replacement process, but from signing to install was about 3 months. I did have an issue with the system on my house running, and it took 3 visits to fix the inverter which needed a software update that wouldn't run automatically and the inverter also needed a wire replaced, which took a few weeks to get - so the service process was slow but I can't blame that all on Tesla as the part from the inverter manufacturer was delayed. Overall, an excellent experience and I would recommend to others. And if you can, purchase the system, at least here in NJ, selling SRECs helps pay the system off way faster.

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  • "Worst Customer Service Ever"

    Reviewed Dec 05, 2018

    Where do I begin -
    This is a company that is has the most horrible customer service ever. Its been 10 days and I have not received a quote for a system I requested. There is so much infighting on who gets the sales commission that the customer is left cold in the water.
    (All these are business days)
    Day 1 - Requested a quote from their website
    Day 2 - No response
    Day 3 - Got a response from a sales person in Las Vegas but was told her computer is malfunctioning and they will not be able to proceed with a quote until the next day
    Day 4 - Crickets
    Day 5 - I call back with a complaint that I have not received any information. They put me in touch with another sales person in Las Vegas. I give all the information about the system I am looking for. They screw up the system (incorrect capacity - added powerwalls that I do not need)
    Day 5 - I call back and say that this is not what i need. But she said she cannot change it. However, they need to get the home survey before they can make any changes and give me a more accurate quote.
    Day 5 - I set up an appointment for Home survey for Day 7
    Day 6 - A friend of mine gave me a local contact for Tesla who is extremely helpful and provides quick action. I tell him the story up until now. He tries to help but the Las Vegas people do not want to let go of the commission. So they do not let the good local guy work on my system. The local guy tells me that he is confused because home survey is not setup until the customer commits and signs a contract. But he tells me to let the survey continue. So I explain to local sales manager the situation. I have also sent an email to the sales person in Las Vegas that I want to work with the local sales person.
    The sales manager in las Vegas calls me and assures that they will send me a quote for the system that met my specifications after the survey. She asks me to send my utility bill and competitive quote, which I sent.
    Day 7 - Survey is done. The person who did the survey is amazing and also helped with a couple of other things. Went above and beyond his responsibilities.
    Day 7 - The manager of sales person in Las Vegas calls me. Says that home survey was good. The design is in progress and they will get back to me soon.
    Day 8 - I get the design documents. The panels included in the system is incorrect. The sales manager said they she will communicate to design team and prioritize my project. The sales person in Las vegas (who took incorrect specifications) keeps leaving me a voicemail with conflicting information (that conflicts with the information provided by the Sales manager in Las Vegas). She left a voicemail saying that it will take the design team another 5 days to get back to me.
    Day 9 - The sales person in Las Vegas leaves a voicemail asking me to take the next step and "sign off" on the system. Note that I do not even know how much it will cost because I have not received a quote or an estimate on my system.
    Day 11 - The sales person in Las Vegas leaves a voicemail saying that the competitive pricing has been rejected. And I will have to pay some amount. This is the first time I have hearing a number - on a voicemail. I have no clue what is included in this amount - how many panels, what capacity, what type of panels, what is the inverter etc. Additionally, that quote is about 25% more than what my neighbor was quoted. They want to me to "sign off" on this.

    All this while, I have 3 other installers waiting for me to say "yes" or "no" on their quotes.

    This is the experience. There is infighting. Their system is inefficient. Their sales people in Las Vegas are incompetent. They have no clue of how to provide good service for a customer who is investing more than $20000.

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  • "Smooth turnkey professional organization"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2018
    "Smooth turnkey professional organization"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2018

    The representative was professional and knowledgeable. No pressure just information. They priced competitively. The survey technician was top notch. Very detailed, did a clean job and there is constant updates by the permitting team.

  • "World Class Experience, Surprisingly Affordable"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2018
    "World Class Experience, Surprisingly Affordable"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2018

    From the no pressure 1st appointment to the professional roof survey, these guys are top notch. Turnkey, Instillation and Warranty. Very Impressive. Ask to work with Matthew Buckley. Down to earth honest and knowledgeable.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Tesla is not just an automotive company, it’s an energy innovation company. Tesla Energy is a critical step in this mission to enable zero emission power generation.

With Tesla Energy, Tesla is amplifying its efforts to accelerate the move away from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy future with Tesla batteries, enabling homes, business, and utilities to store sustainable and renewable energy to manage power demand, provide backup power and increase grid resilience.

  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Tesla Headquarters

3500 Deer Creek Road
Palo Alto, CA
94304 US

Workmanship Warranty

Tesla provides industry-leading warranties to ensure your solar panel system is producing energy for the long term. Tesla strives to provide you with the highest quality equipment, so we rigorously vet the suppliers we partner with.

Tesla provides a workmanship warranty which ensures our installation workmanship will be free from defects for 20 years from the date your products are installed. Tesla warrants that all roof penetrations we make will be watertight for at least 10 years, or as specified within your contract. Tesla’s roof warranty will be extended if you have an existing installation warranty or new home builder performance standard for your roof that is longer than 10 years.



States served by Tesla

  • Arizona AZ,
  • California CA,
  • Colorado CO,
  • Connecticut CT,
  • Delaware DE,
  • District of Columbia DC,
  • Florida FL,
  • Hawaii HI,
  • Illinois IL,
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