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About Custom Solar and Leisure, LLC

Custom Solar and Leisure, LLC is a full service solar contracting company dedicated to providing high quality alternative energy solutions at affordable rates.
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Great Service+Fair Price, beating national installers in $ & Kw

After several months of use, I can Highly recommend Custom Solar & Leisure. Their Price & Size of System beat both SunCity(Tesla) & SunPower. After several months of intensive research: {{1st bid}} from SunCity(almost 60% negative reviews) which had terrible contract/agreement=Refused to spell out details(panel make & model#) of system for which I was to pay a ($1k+) premium for High-End Panasonic Panels & several thousand $$ more for a 1.15Kw smaller system. (FYI: NEVER sign any agreement or contract without full details of what you are buying, including the Manufacturer of the panels & inverter(s) and their associated model numbers, date or month that install will start & work will be finished, warranty for each piece of hardware/panel/inverter(s) & labor warranty--all of which SunCity refused to include.) {{2nd bid}} was SunPower(oldest & currently troubled according to industry news article) which wanted over $6k more for their 0.15Kw smaller system. Both companies included inverters with just 10year warranties. {{3rd bid}} CustomSolar&Leisure(highly rated 5Star) gave me the system I wanted, including moving all single-pole(110V) breakers inside the garage into a new sub-panel, leaving double-pole(220V) breakers in original outside panel. Now if I trip a breaker I no longer have to get dressed & go outside in the dark or rain, but just go into the secure garage to reset it. I opted for the LG Neon High-End Panels & Enphase Microinverters, both with 25-Year Warranties. RESEARCH indicated that Solar Panels are MOST efficient at 77degrees & each panel therefore has a thermal coefficient associated with it. As the temp rises above 77degrees, they produce less power, so those panels with the lowest/smallest thermal coefficient(temp penalty) produce the most power at higher temps compared to cheaper panels. Best panels as of Feb-2018 are LG-Neon, SunPower, & Panasonic(model specific) with 0.029-0.030 thermal coefficients. Microinverters are worth the added cost as they have warranties that are 2.5 times longer(25years) than standard inverters(10years) & allow for individual panel power output/generation monitoring. In addition microinverters allow for continued operation of all remaining panels if one panel goes bad, as each panel has it's own microinverter attached to the back of the panel. Along with the new electric sub-panel I had the monitoring panel/equipment installed inside the garage to hopefully extend it's lifespan as it won't be exposed to the elements(rain & high 100-117 degree Tucson summers). CustomSolar&Leisure was very accommodating with my request for a garage sub-panel & microinverters, whereas the other two were more take our smaller high-priced systems as is or we will charge you substantially more if you want any customization. CustomSolar&Leisure provided me with a 6 page estimate/agreement which included the system size in Kw, number of panels, a complete price breakdown for a choice of 3 different hardware configurations as well as the MFG & Model# for all panels/inverters and warranty terms for all panels/inverters/labor. It also included the estimated start date, various charts and an aerial view of my home with the proposed placement of the solar panels. Their staff was polite and each day they cleaned up after the day's work was finished. PLUS Custom Solar & Leisure is a locally owned company with all the benefits accruing to our local economy.

Posted by jeffpurr on Jun 03, 2018



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