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About Florida Solar East

About Us
Celebrating 32 Years of Excellence
52,488 customers as of Jan 2015
In-house Factory Trained Installers
Over 200 Years of combined experience, with over
1.5 Million panels installed
Combined Management team experience exceeds
100 years
We guarantee in writing the temperature of your pool and how long you're swimming
90 day performance guarantee
State Certified Contractor (CVC56927)

Joining Florida Solar's family of satisfied customers assures you that your pool heating system will be properly installed, and you will be choosing the leader in the pool heating industry.
Phone Number
(321) 631-8990

What Customers Are Saying

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I'm not sure what to think...

I thought the owner was a great guy, seemed like it at appearance. Seemed like one of those people you could tell if you were on drugs, but are taking meds now to fight the addiction, and he gonna be by your side to help you back on your feet. Thought he was that type of person, but I approached him with a business partnership where I clean solar panels (I have a business doin this) of his clients, if desired by the clients, and I throw him a kickback for the business. Win, win, right? Well I haven't heard from him after he appeared to like the idea and get me excited at a possible future with increased business, (it's admittedly been rough starting up) and a great friend/partnership. They did great work when I was on the team. Idk how they're doing now. Maybe Ronnie will give me a call

Posted by theamanredeemed on Aug 14, 2022
Tripled my swim season

I absolutely love our heated pool. After going 3 years without heat we finally heated it and couldn't be happier.

Posted by madbrew007 on Apr 30, 2020

If I could give this company a "O" I would. They installed a solar which didn't work, so after lots of phone calls and lots of lies from the company they send their repair man twice, said both times it was fixed. They still didn't fix the problem. Finally we hired another company, they found a rag in the pipe, that is why there was no pressure in the pool. They told us they would reimburse us of what was paid to the company we hired. We received a check from Florida Solar East, cashed it and it bounced. We got charged fees from the bank. Their excuse was that they were changing banks and they don't know what happened. Do not use them for anything, they will keep lying about everything and keep promising you anything you want to hear. They are dishonest people. With all these bad reviews, it wouldn't surprise me if they change the name of the company.

Posted by jewells128 on Jun 30, 2019



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