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Integrated Solar Applications Corp

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ISA Great Service/Support

I came for an environmental background and Arte from construction so we had some information and a basic understanding of how some of these systems worked but it was ISA that brought it all together. From the first visit Katrina listened to what we wanted to do and offered suggestions and solutions. The house has a tennis court that we’d targeted as a place for a vegetable garden. Early on in our conversations Katrina pointed out that it was perfectly orientated for solar. Now the panels and the future garden share the space. We knew we’d be managing a number of other contractors so it was a big point for ISA that they offered a full service solution. There are any number of solar providers out there but for a system like the one we envisioned we wanted a contractor who could engineer a solution for us, explain it in terms we understood, and integrate all the moving parts so they worked together the first time. I want to mention the ISA team. They were the nicest bunch of people, professional, hardworking, and easy to work with. Arte took on some of the demo and worked with Jennings, one of the ISA installers. Between Jennings and Arte they were able to fish the lines for the 5 inside units of the cold climate heat pump system through the old house with minimal demo. Communication was another area where ISA excelled. Katrina and I exchanged email all the time, questions were answered, information was provided, all in all a great job. We highly recommend ISA!

Posted by artebarbara22 on Apr 03, 2019