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About J & B Sales

Founded on June 1st, 1963 and incorporated in June 1965, J & B Sales Co. serves the Commercial and Industrial markets in Arizona. Since 1972 we have specialized in Heat Transfer, Pumping, Boilers, Piping and related systems. We are a licensed and bonded contractor in Arizona (L 74 License, Boilers, Steam Fitting and Process Piping No. 071430-002 and K 05 License, Hydronic Heating & Cooling No.164364.)

J & B Sales Co. is a stocking manufacturer’s representative and currently represents various manufacturers in the sale of Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Industrial products in the state of Arizona. We serve Mechanical Contractors; Plumbing Contractors; Plumbing & Heating Wholesalers; Industrial Users and Institutional Users. J & B Sales Co.'s employees are members of ASME, ASHRAE, ASPE and ACCA. We are proud of our combined 300 plus years of experience in our industry.

J & B Sales Co. is one of Arizona’s original representative sales organizations with over 50 years of service to the Arizona HVAC and Industrial markets. Our company was built with a firm commitment to our customers both before and after the point of sale. We continue to grow strong being an industry leader by providing exceptional customer service; by providing technical assistance to the industries and by educating and training our staff as well as our engineering and contracting community.

J & B Sales Co. has and always will hold our suppliers to the same high standard of service we provide to our customers. We realize that the relationship between suppliers and representative must be a partnership that allows for quality, service and availability. We are proud to represent only those product lines that truly add value to the markets we serve. We strive for long term success with sound investments in products and personnel building upon the tradition of 50 plus years that "The Customer is King".
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