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Ampericon builds the highest quality solar systems. Our quality and workmanship have garnered praise from PSE&G and Enphase.

Ampericon has experience with both residential and commercial solar systems.

We are committed to providing the best value without compromising on quality. We offer Purchase, Financed Purchase, and a unique purchase with buyback for Tax credit and Srec's ( you get your solar system at 1/3 rd the cost).

Ampericon has completely cut out onsite sales visits which are intrusive and designed to pressure customers to buy immediately. We pass the savings on to you by avoiding this step in the sales process.

Please, call us with questions 609 945 2591 x 101 - we are always happy to answer. No pressure, we answer all your questions and leave you to make your own decisions.
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Ampericon Energy Solutions is an installer of Solar PV (electric) systems for residential and commercial clients in NJ, NY and PA. Ampericon partners with Sungage and Clean Energy Credit Union for financed home solar projects. We also offer multiple Lease and Purchase options for Commercial Solar Customers.

Ampericon Energy Solutions can also assist you with Energy Storage, Portable Power Solutions ,Geothermal installations services as well as energy efficiency measures. Our expert friendly staff is ready to assist you!
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609-945-2591 x 101
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Approved installers passed our rigorous screening criteria for experience, licensing, and positive reviews.

Services Offered

  • Financing
  • Construction

Workmanship Warranty

20 Years Labor and Roof warranty
25 Years warranty on your Solar Panels
25 Years warranty on Enphase Micro Inverters


NJ 13VH05082000
PA PA071577


Liability and Worker's Compensation


Building Performance Institute Certified Professionals - Building Analyst & Envelope - Adam Fisch & Anjan Saikia

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Platinum Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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3 years and 80% payback

We are thrilled with the Solar System Ampericon installed for us. It’s been 3 years thus summer and we couldn’t be happier. We have had a 80% return on our investment. Federal tax rebate, SREC from NJ and no electric bills!

Posted by 03godlier-bauds on Aug 10, 2022
Only new customers are a priority

Ampericon installed my 42 panel solar array system 11 years ago and I thought they did a great job, walked me through the process and successfully got me all the rebates I was entitled to. Things were great for the first 8 years or so until I found that they were increasingly harder to get a hold of to replace defective micro inverters under warranty. After repeated calls and emails they did come out a couple times over the last three years to replace the warrantied parts. This past two years however has been a nightmare getting a response from them. They have no customer service department and rarely answer the phone or emails. In April 2022, I sent an email expressing my frustrations with their lack of responsiveness and they responded that they no longer had the capacity to service my system. Hmm..I was directed to either wait for an unknown period of time or call Enphase to find an installer that could help me. Basically, I'm no longer a priority and whether or not the system they installed works well or not is none of their concern. Don't be fooled by the courtship because you'll be disappointed when you need service and are told to take a hike, if you are even responded to at all. Mount Laurel, NJ customer Solar Panels Installed 2011

Posted by kfreeland42 on May 06, 2022
No Response

Got a quote through Energysage. Sent numerous emails and left voicemails. No response. Not sure if the company is still in business,

Posted by nirmalya_mitra on Nov 11, 2021
Delighted with my Electric Bill

I started as a reluctant solar buyer. My wife was convinced, but I thought there was too much misinformation surrounding "free solar". Now after 3 months of negligible electric bills and my first direct deposit of REC dollars I am an avid solar supporter. Solar works really well if you work with a good partner. Thank you Tina, Adam, Anjan and Ampericon.

Posted by covija2476 on Jun 11, 2021
Sadly disappointed

I came to your site after reading favorable reviews of what you had to offer. After soliciting quotes, we settled on Ampericon. That was a mistake. The price they gave on their online quote was different from the one their representative, Anjan, offered. He claimed that was a mistake on the part of EnergySage and that he would 'talk to you to have that corrected'. He assured me that the monthly cost he gave me was correct- until it wasn't. He also told me the short term loan for 26% of the cost was 'interest free'. We thought it sounded too good to be true which, of course, it was. By now, solar was going to cost more than my traditional electric. He claims that would not have been the case because of the TREC program. But at that point our trust in the story was gone. I am disappointed that it has turned out this way. I truly think solar is the responsible way to go but with sales people like Anjan and their schemes I think solar is battling an uphill battle. You too should do your homework a little better.

Posted by qbanmd54 on Jun 10, 2021
10+ years and still going strong

I highly recommend Ampericon for all solar power needs. I've been a happy customer for over 10 years. We had a system installed in 2010 and they've assisted with warranty and other repairs over the years. I appreciate their expertise and availability to help anytime. About 4 years ago, my neighbor was asking about the system and he decided to go with a company that over promised and went out of business a couple years later--now he's stuck with an oddball system that nobody wants to repair or inspect without hefty fees. Had he listened to my advice, he would have gone with Ampericon and they'd be able to address any issues. I'd mention to folks considering a system that proper installation and knowledgeable updates/repairs is critical if you are in it for more than a couple years or a short-yerm house-flipping investment. From my experience, enforcing/following through on the 20-year product warranties and such are essential to the long-term financial/environmental return on the system----all these components are cheaply made overseas, no matter what you're told, so if you don't have a team like Ampericon on your side to sort it out when parts fail or harsh weather/animals attack, then you'll get suckered into buying new components/upgrades or other unnecessary expenses. Anyway, go with Ampericon and good luck.

Posted by aaronbennett99 on Jan 18, 2021



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