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LuxLight Solar Energy

LuxLight Energy will save you some GREEN! Industry's best warranty on all our systems, 25 years!
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About LuxLight Solar Energy

Applied Electrical, DBA LuxLight Solar Energy was formed in 2001. We are an Electrical Contractor in California. We specialize in Solar PV for both residential and commercial projects. We have a Northern and Southern California office to serve all of California.
Year Established
Phone Number
(877) 702-7652

Services Offered

  • Financing
  • Construction

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years


C10: 798251


2,000,000 per, Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial vehicle



Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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Solar Pannels installed Dec 2015.. 6.5 years and going strong..

I had this fine company install USA made panels (Solar World, 285W) back in Dec 2015. They were honest, direct and did a great job. Paid quite a bit but worth it. My Power cost in Sunnyvale, CA (no trees issue) has been the Connection Fee of $11 a month to PGE. I do get $120 refund a year from state. Got only a 3400 Watt system.. small, but with A/C running (in 2 rooms only), still have a surplus of power. No Panels issues, the Micro-Converters working fine. No Roof leaks. Panels get dirty and 2 to 3 times a years washing increases power by 5%. As of today (May, 2022), my panels are at 95% from peak. Not bad. Feel Free to contact me at

Posted by AHendricks1066 on May 11, 2022
Responsive Competent and easy to work with

Luxlight Solar Energy always returned my calls and messages the same day. Billing was online and very easy. The work was done well. They were clear with me before I accepted the bid as to what they were going to do. They submitted plans to the county promptly, but my roof is non-standard and San Mateo County was very conservative about its review, and response to the county's comments required additional drawings and another engineer stamp, which they also provided promptly. I'm a civil engineer and did calculations before I accepted the bid and came up that there was a big factor of safety, but they worked with the county very professionally and conformed fully with their comments even though it cost them more than they originally planned. As I was gone a lot of the time, and had a narrow window of availability, they worked with me on scheduling without complaint. Although they're located in the Sacramento valley, they were accustomed to working all over the Bay Area, even in the coastal area where we are. They were easy to work with and the installers were great. Although my job was complicated and impacted by the COVID-19 lockdowns, the whole thing went very smoothly and I recommend them. We get lots of energy from the panels they installed and seldom incur any electrical charges at all.

Posted by tonymag on Jun 30, 2020
*Caution* Poor Solar Design, Customer Service, and Installation practices..

D Rating=Poor, I do not recommend using this company. 1.) Poor Performance- Luxlight recommended I install panels on my east facing roof and did not do a proper survey estimate resulting in less than 100% achievement of my goals and expectations. 2.) Poor Customer Service- After reviewing the above with the owner, Rob, and trying to come up with a reasonable resolution, he basically could not be bothered and told me I would need to add 3 more panels to house to meet my solar requirements. Never taking any time to understand my concerns and addressing his mistakes. Had I known I would need 20 panels total, I probably would not have proceeded because it takes my pay back from 6-7 years to 8-9 years. 3.) Problematic Install- The installation process was poor at best as the original installed sent to my house was a big, elderly gentlemen, who was very hard to communicate with and made many mistakes and he was relieved by experienced installer, whom did a great job cleaning up the mess. I will also note this this was not a safe thing to put a large, elderly gent on my high pitched roof. Use caution when contacting this contractor and make sure everything is in writing. I would not trust him. Sal, my initial contact was very knowledgeable and offered my lots of good advice and insight.

Posted by bbusch on Nov 04, 2019
Great experience on an Eichler foam roof installation

I’m in an Eichler-style home with a foam roof. This is not a standard install for solar, and it involved coordination between two companies: one for the solar installation, and one for the foam work (the foam provides insulation and weatherproofing, and is used on a lot of Eichler roofs. It requires special techniques for solar.). Luxlight pulled it off, working with Durafoam on the foam side, to make it all happen. They handled everything, city permits, inspections from the city and PG&E, service panel upgrade, solar installation, and testing the monitoring. Keith, Rob, and Sal were great, answering all my questions quickly. I would definitely recommend them for other Eichler homeowners looking to install solar!

Posted by mpogue on Oct 02, 2019
Great partners in the overall solar experience

Going solar is no easy endeavor, mostly due to the electric company dragging their feet and overall unwillingness to lose revenue to home solar. Obviously, LuxLight has no control over PG&E's actions, but Keith & Rob handled the challenges like seasoned pros. Upon selecting LuxLight as my solar installer of choice, the installation process was done quickly & efficiently. Unfortunately, PG&E was not very familiar with the recently approved Green Meter Adapter, and put up many roadblocks. After 4-5 months of dealing with PG&E issues, we had to pivot on strategy and gave up on the GMA, instead going the "easier" route of upgrading my 100A panel to accommodate the new solar system. All told, I think Keith made maybe 6 separate visits to my home, after initial installation, to make requested modifications by PG&E (and maybe 1 by the city inspector). Keith & Rob are patient, easy to work with, and capable. And they handled nearly all the red tape issues with the City and PG&E. So, 5 months after installation, we're finally live. And the huge reduction in the monthly electric bill was finally achieved. One more hurdle to clear with my 2018 taxes, and ensuring we take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit, and it will all be done. Would definitely recommend working with the LuxLight team.

Posted by danwilson83 on Aug 22, 2018
Solar is awesome

Our installer Keith is awesome too. We got our solar in April and so far our electric bill is zero. Keith is quick to respond, answer all the questions and installation done in one day. He even gave us an EV charging outlet for a reasonable price. My wife is very happy for being able to run AC for 3650 sqft house 24/7 for $ 0.

Posted by hwin on Aug 02, 2018
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