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Eznergy brings a variety of options to implement solar the easiest and best way for each customer. We offer options of Power Purchase Agreements with no out of pocket costs, Zero down loans and of course purchases to allow the best return on going solar for each customer.
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Eznergy is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned and a Women Owned Solar installation and consulting company that offers a variety of ways to finance solar to make it easy for residential, commercial and government customers to implement solar power systems. We have nationwide partners that work with us to market and install solar power systems.
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(732) 244-0442

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

5 Year workmanship warranty for labor- manufacturers warranty covers parts


Licensed NJ Electrician #34EB01600100
PA Home Improvement Contractor #PA095497
NJ Contractors License # 13VH06888600


Professional Liability
General Liability
Excess Liability
Workers Compensation



Manufacturer Certifications

  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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I am EXTREMELY happy with Eznergy

UPDATE: Just wanted to update everyone on my experience- shortly after I did this review I was informed that the company that sold me the solar panels was not Eznergy. It was actually TruPower. TruPower used Eznergy to install the panels for them. TruPower were the ones that sold me the panels and promised me things they never followed through with. I was not made aware of this in the beginning which I am not surprised about because it was one of many miscommunications from TruPower. I have since spoken to the owner of Eznergy who called me himself and cleared up all of my misinformation. He was very nice and answered all of my questions, even though that wasn’t his responsibility (it was TruPower's). He also got my solar panels up and running very quickly and efficiently. I am EXTREMELY happy with Eznergy and what they have done. They even monitor my panels for me free of charge. The owners of Eznergy are amazing and I am so happy I have their panels on my roof. TruPower, however, is a HUGE disappointment. They never gave me the things they promised. They just kept giving me the runaround - particularly Will Caraballo -promising to come and do things and then just not showing up. I would contact him and get no response for days at a time. I highly recommend Eznergy- but stay away from TruPower! All of my stars are for Eznergy- not TruPower. I have been working on this process since the summer. It is now mid March and I have yet to become operational. I am eager to see the benefits of Solar but it still has not happened. I have not been given things I was promised and I have not been kept informed of progress. I reach out to the head contact and I get no response, a delayed response, the incorrect answer, or promises that don’t come to fruition. Now I feel I am finally coming to the end and almost ready to be complete and I just found out they turned off my monitoring because I didn’t set up my account quickly enough. Meanwhile they didn’t send me or give me information about how to set up my account until a week AFTER they turned off my monitoring. Frustrated beyond relief! The company I have been working with is EZnergy.

Posted by kmattina3 on Mar 12, 2018
My Tesla flies with Solar energy!

At the end of Year One with solar panels on my house, I received a $500 check from my electric utility..... I generated more juice than I used. So in March I took delivery on a new Tesla to use my extra watts. I am looking forward to my next check from the electric company to see how much it cost me to drive the Tesla 10,000 miles!

Posted by richardadelmann on Sep 20, 2015
Home owner

I'm very happy with my solar panels and I am satisfied with installation. Since I have received the solar panels I have not received an electric bill.

Posted by virginiashepard64 on Sep 18, 2015
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    • Solar PV
    • 9 kW
    Solar Power Residential Sunpower Installation



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