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Innotech Solar

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About Innotech Solar

Innotech Solar is a leading European manufacturer of high performance photovoltaic modules. At our production facilities in Sweden and Germany we focus on producing modules with excellent yields and a low environmental impact. Recognized as one of the most innovative technology companies in Europe, we are constantly improving our products and processes to meet the changing demands of our customers.

Benefit from even more module power with our positive sorting in 10 Wp-steps, meaning you pay for the 250 Wp-class, but get modules that are flashed between 250 Wp und 259.9 Wp. Because of the special anti-reflection glass, ITS modules achieve an even higher yield.

We focus on quality throughout the value chain – as confirmed by independent institutes. Our active hot-spot prevention through two thermographical pictures on cell-level characterizes us.
Operating for over a decade, our Swedish factory has a long track record of high quality and efficient module production.

Environmental sustainability
We work hard to stay true to our philosophy “Greener than Green” at all levels of our operations. Our efforts have paid off: PV modules from Innotech Solar have a 50% smaller CO2-footprint than conventionally produced modules.

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