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Inverters Unlimited, Inc.

We conduct site analysis, assess viability of a solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system for your location, get all necessary approvals including NYSERDA, install a complete PV system, and have all applicable inspections for commissioning the system.

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About Inverters Unlimited, Inc.

IUI is committed to the growth of clean, non-polluting, renewable energy for commercial and residential applications. We have two specific missions: First, we have developed the IUI Sun-AC 3000 inverter, which converts solar energy captured by the solar panels in the DC form into an AC form. In addition, the IUI Sun-AC 3000 functions as a system controller enabling grid-compatible, safe, and fully-automated operation of the entire solar system. We manufacture these units. Second, IUI provides a turnkey Solar Photovoltaic system custom-designed for your residence or business.
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