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One of the mottos of New Age Solar is "Expertise Where Expertise Is Needed." It is a motto that we live by. Our installation teams, which comprise roofers and electricians with many years of experience, bring a level of excellence to all installations. Our electronics design engineer, who has worked professionally for many years in the research and development side of the electronics industry, brings the proper credentials to accurately and economically design a solar electrical system with the necessary components that will best serve your needs. Our computer technician brings a level of capability that is unsurpassed so as to provide the highest level of reliability for both you and us at New Age Solar. The president and creator of New Age Solar has served the lion's share of his professional career as a design engineer in the aerospace industry. He has personally sought to reinvent himself with advanced training in the solar industry and by going back to college in order to fulfill a dream of promoting and installing the use of solar energy. Everyone in New Age Solar has their own area of responsibility. And everyone in New Age Solar is responsible to you.
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