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Pure Power Systems, Inc

Pure Power Engineering is a full service engineering company specializing in commercial and utility scale solar PV systems.
Our extensive experience in all phases of solar project development and operation provides us with a broad perspective on all aspects of the system throughout its entire life cycle. All of the phases are interlinked and experience in each phase is required to fully understand the effect every decision has on system constructability and long term performance. Mission Statement:
Provide superior engineering to assist contractors and developers in building PV systems faster and more profitably.
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About Pure Power Systems, Inc

Our Values
1) Form long term relationships and view each project as one in a long series of projects, never view a job in isolation. When a company looks at each project in isolation, they need to squeeze every dollar of profit out of that job, as they believe they are not in the business of giving money away. This strains the relationship since each additional dollar one side gets, the other side loses (“zero-sum game”). We strive to set up long term partnerships where we can treat each project as one in a long line of future projects. Then if there is an issue that would otherwise turn contentious, you can agree to make it up on the next project where you can create additional value for both sides. These value creating opportunities are plentiful but only available for long term relationships.

2) Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. The construction industry combines all areas of business and there is a well developed science to each of them: marketing, finance, construction techniques, project management, psychology, statistics, engineering, supply chain management, etc. There is no need to start from scratch figuring out how to make an effective project management plan or marketing strategy. There have been tens of thousands of people in each field that spent their entire lives advancing the knowledge in these fields. Incorporate these lifetimes of work into your business to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

3) Have a well documented plan for every facet and phase of a project
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