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High Reliability and Performance > 97%
Top quality electronic components sourced from Germany, Japan and USA
Strict quality control system, ISO90001-2008 certified
Ultra low failure rate less than 0.3% with superior design built upon world-leading small wind inverter design
Dual MPPT and Bluetooth for GCI-5K
> 20 years designed lifetime, = 10 years warranty
Elegant IP65 protection for both indoor and outdoor usage, and salt spray tested special coating, allowing operation in tough saline rich environment
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About Solis

The Solis inverters represent a well-respected, value priced brand of PV inverters from Ginlong
Technologies. Since 2005, Ginlong Technologies has installed over 100,000 inverters and accumulated
practical experience of operating inverters even in harsh environments. Ginlong prides itself in offering
world class design and quality while retaining competitive pricing. Solis brand originated from Australia.
Solis is a Spanish name derived from the Latin sol solis, literally meaning “SUN”. Solis inverters are compact and light for easy installation, and include numerous protection functions to give those on the
user end ‘peace of mind’. All the Solis inverters boast a high efficiency rating and feature an ultra-wide
input voltage range, dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm and controlled inverter technology,
integrated AFCI DC arc-fault circuit protection and real-time data monitoring on web-portal and smart
phone apps. The Solis inverters single phase product family are fully certified to UL 1741 standard for
residential installations. The three phase Solis inverters with high and low voltage versions are for
commercial and utility scale MW installations.

What Customers Are Saying

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Reliable inverter

Been installing these for years and haven’t had any issues, Solis Australia are easy to deal with, would recommend as a good option for a reasonable price.

Posted by prisons.truest0o on Jan 24, 2022
Solis and QCells Review

had my solar system for 4 years now, has all been running perfectly and would buy again. has wifi connectivity and app works well! great price great product definitely

Posted by mudgutts123 on Jan 24, 2022
My Solis 3 phase inverter.

I had a 3 phase 15kW inverter installed January 2019 and it failed in early June. I am still waiting for it to be repaired on 25th of July. It is very disappointing as at first it worked well.

Posted by hundleton on Jul 25, 2019
Never been called out to a broken one

I have been working in the solar industry for 8 years and have replaced meany inverters. The ones that I found most reliable. I have replaced two solar edge inverts and three sma but no solis inverters they are a lot cheaper than solar edge and sma, easy to set up, good efficiency you can also optimise only the pannels that have shading I always advise customers to buy solis

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018