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Ygrene Energy Fund - Profile & Reviews

Ygrene offers $0 down, 100% solar financing for homeowners and property owners. With no payments for up to a year or more*, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a new solar upgrade long before you’ve made your first payment. And with over $439 million in funded solar projects under our belt, our team can provide not only expertise but contractor referrals from our network of independent solar contractors.

Every contractor we work with is verified, licensed, and insured, and will only be paid once you’ve signed off that your project has been completed to your satisfaction. It’s our way of making sure our customer has a great experience, from start to finish.

*Timing of first payment depends on date of funding; interest accrues after funding.
Subject to underwriting guidelines and approval.

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  • "Ygrene saved my family from scorching FL heat"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2021
    "Ygrene saved my family from scorching FL heat"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2021

    Few years ago, my 17 yr old AC gave up in FL heat and it had to be replaced. New AC units are very expensive and usually need to be paid for upon installation. Thankfully, my contractor told me about this new program that had just launched in my area called Ygrene. I can’t say enough good things about Ygrene. Within minutes, my worries disappeared and I received a positive response - - APPROVED! All the financing terms have been explained in advance and there are no surprises. I pay my bill yearly, when taxes are due. Ygrene customer service will explain everything you need to know about the program and give you payment options. Everyone is super friendly and approachable. My contractor installed my new AC next day after I signed up with Ygrene. I tell everyone I know about Ygrene and can’t believe that more people do not know about this amazing program. I am not sure what would I have done with small kids in a middle of FL summer if I did not find Ygrene. 10 out of 10 recommended!!!!

  • "This is not okey"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2021

    Ygrene does not want to help clients with 2017 projects to be able to make partial payments in this case of the Solar Panels, which implies that you must pay in 20 years in the annual property taxes, which means that an already high debt of 21 A thousand dollars of solar panels, for Ygrene, are converted into 40 thousand dollars, without allowing those customers to make partial payments, which they currently do. In the midst of the pandemic it has been more difficult to cover all kinds of debts, and with two more children and alone, which the financiers of this group do not care, even with these partial payments at present they refuse to consider giving This service to previous clients, that we are trapped in this debt to which they do not care at all to give us a better way to pay it, they say that if you pay everything, it is the only way. It is completely abusive and they compared this situation with a happy hour.

  • "How my $93k Solar loan with Ygrene turned into $108k in 9 months"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2020
    "How my $93k Solar loan with Ygrene turned into $108k in 9 months"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2020

    I financed my $93,045 solar panel project with Ygrene on 12/21/2019. Recently I contacted them to try to payoff the entire loan. On 9/1/2020 they sent me a payoff quote of $108,764.70 which is about $16k interest/penalty in less than a year. I tried to speak to several managers at Ygrene, but they are all reading the same scripted message with fancy words that describe fees which are basically a pretty alternative to penalty or in plain English: a scam. There's no financial institution, especially during this pandemic, that will charge you a gangster style fee of 17% in a matter of a few months.

    marketing ygrene
    Response from Ygrene Energy Fund
    Responded Jan 14, 2021
    Response from Ygrene Energy Fund
    Responded Jan 14, 2021

    Dear Shay C.
    We regret you are dissatisfied with the Ygrene financing. Ygrene's PACE financing is a long-term financing option that has helped thousands of property owners year after year. We understand PACE financing may not be for everyone which is why we make sure to be very transparent with the financing terms throughout the process and before any documentation is signed. We invite anyone considering PACE financing to call us directly and obtain information to ensure it best fits their financial needs.

  • "Know what you are getting into...."

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2018
    "Know what you are getting into...."

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2018

    I was sold on this Ygrene tactic..... "You only pay for what you use". The sales guy said, "when you go to sell the house the remaining balance would transfer over to the new owners in the taxes for the property". Today I'm trying to get a HELOC only to find I have a LIEN on the property from Green Corridor, AKA Ygrene, and must be paid off first. There was little to no literature out there at the time a agreed to this scam, especially on the negative side.... but now since I'm in this predicament I'm finding a ton of law suits. Now I'm requesting the payoff quote only to find there is a $50 fee to process that and if I choose to pay it off, there will be an early payoff penalty of 5% for the remaining balance. I feel mislead and now entrapped in their scam. Prior to requesting a HELOC.. I would have said it was OK.... if it works for you.... PROCEDE WITH CAUTION and know what you are getting into. Stay away from it if you can.

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  • "Great company!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2018

    Ygrene was a great company to work with! I would NOT have been able to afford the high impact windows without Ygrene. They also recommended
    TJ Davis Windows that actually installed the windows. I am SO happy with the windows. They are beautiful! So nice not having to EVER have to put hurricane shutters up again! YAY! With Ygrene the whole process was made pretty easy and stress-free. Thank you Ygrene!

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  • "people stay away"

    Reviewed Nov 30, 2017

    Total rip off. Do not do it. Costumer service is horrible, not helpful at all. They put a lien on your house so you cannot refinance or sell. They are also lying about when your first payment is due. Be aware, stay away. I've learned it in a hard way. It's a shame

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  • "rippeed off uninformed and huge lack of communication "

    Reviewed Jun 03, 2017
    "rippeed off uninformed and huge lack of communication "

    Reviewed Jun 03, 2017

    1.0 star rating 6/3/2017
    it was the worse decision i have ever made i was also told there was no pre-payment penalty and I never once was called by a ygrene rep to go over the documents like all loan officers due to explain each and every detail of the loan which is there job !!!! to make things Clear ...i signed in December of 2016 rushed by my sales rep ....to get in by the end of the year ....wanted out by February but because i had a issue with the solar rep i needed to address first i couldn't address ygrene yet and when i did wanting to just pay it off i found out about the second loan attached now they want to charge me ridiculous fees to just pay it off it comes to almost 6,000 dollars for loans i don't want ...and those are MTG fee rates at least with a MTG you get one on one explanation of every dollar going in and a interest rate schedule that makes sense ....what a rip off and total disregard for the customer .....

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  • "Poway California customer"

    Reviewed Apr 05, 2017

    Energy produced for March 2017 854 Kilo Watt hours, electric bill $0.00. Solar panels were installed on a challenging granite slope with great professionalism and excellence. I have a vast educational background of electronics, electrical and mechanically experience. I was and am extremely satisfied with the entire process from planning the project to completing the project. Every phase from architectural, planning, city permitting, install and inspections were accomplished flawlessly. Strongly recommend solar and these companies to install the most recent solar technologies.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Choosing The Right Solar Power Installer
All Ygrene certified solar contractors are licensed, insured, pre-screened, and have been in the solar business for at least two years or more. Quality installers offer workmanship and equipment warranties and are transparent about when and how they use sub-contractors. Solar power is still an unfamiliar technology for most homeowners. Don't hesitate to ask your contractor how they plan to achieve a quality solar installation and any other questions you may have.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Ygrene Energy Fund Headquarters

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