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About Spruce Finance

Lease a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system with fixed monthly payments. Or purchase the power the system produces each month, the same way you pay your utility. Either way, you get free monitoring, maintenance, and insurance, as well as strong consumer protections.

Also available, solar loans are great if you prefer to own the solar PV system. Our homeowner loans offer attractive, flexible terms and strong consumer protections.

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Prevalent billing errors

Just got my third incorrect invoice of the year. The billing department of Spruce Power is feasting on their mistakes by collecting no ACH fees, late fees, and double dip into customer's account...... Nobody can hold them accountable.

Posted by ye_894 on May 08, 2023
Totally incompetent billing department

My account had been on auto pay for years with little to no problems, then Spruce Power took it over. Was receiving monthly paper invoice, tried to switch to paperless and all that happened was I stopped receiving paper invoice unable to find the invoice information on Spruce Power website, then started receiving paper copy again. Now, I receive a insufficient funds penalty for a ~$100 bill to an account that never had less than $1000 in it and $25,000 of overdraft protection. Turns out Spruce made an "update" to their system and lost my bank account information. So now I have to pay $4.95 fee to make a payment over the phone because my account is delinquent. Then as soon as my correct bank account information is back in the system they debit my account for the amount due which means they double dip my account and then tell me instead of asking for a refund I should just wait until next months bill is due and I will be ahead of the game because next months bill is about to debit (it is the 3rd of the current month). As far as I am concerned Spruce Power knows there is nothing customers can do to get rid of them as a provider and they have a guaranteed income stream customer be dammed.

Posted by budduskey on May 05, 2023
Horrible experience!!

When I purchased my house two years ago, I had to either buy out the seller's contract or assume their contract. Had I known the abuse I would go through I would have bought out their contract or not bought the house. Dealing with these two solar companies has been that bad. The previous company, Volta was almost as bad as Spruce has been. The hand off between the two companies was a mess with little communication and I ended up with two different accounts both screwed up. It took four days of calling every day, staying on hold for over an hour and then giving up and asking for a call back before I was able to speak with a representative. I finally got through. I never got a call back. When it was obvious the representative was not going to be able to help, she refused to transfer me to a supervisor! I am receiving the bills two days before the due date and apparently my account has zero grace period. So, they keep adding late fees and I'm also paying the $4.75 credit card charge. I will be reporting them to the Public Utilities Commission (I have already given them a call) and BBB and any other state regulators I can find. I would definitively be up to join a class action suit! It's companies like Spruce that give solar companies a bad reputation. Now I'm wanting to buy out my contract but probably won't be able to reach anyone to make that happen.

Posted by hbpatty on May 04, 2023
Spruce will make you lose your mind

This company - so much aggravation, they will make you lose your mind. Co. policies are completely insane. Try to get a straight answer from this staff, there are none - they are set up to drain you with fees for everything imaginable. I have been attempting to transfer account, all I get is gaslighting. this policy, that policy, you need to ask a different dept. etc.... The hours I have spent trying hours upon hours, without resolution. You only have 3 options, assume lease, buyout lease, buy system. This place is a racket, application is only good 30days, 32 dollars each submittal, 550 for prior owner transfer... No concept of customer service, no concept of expediting anything. If you start a process and it runs past the 30 days, you need to restart process. Run the other way if at all possible. They don't deserve one star rating.

Posted by cpmiller65 on Apr 26, 2023

We purchased a home and took over a payment from the previous owners, needless to say HUGE mistake, the lack of communication, unprofessionalism and downright unethical business practices are for the birds run !!

Posted by morifam619 on Apr 04, 2023
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before this company took over the business, there was NEVER an issue with payment. I had auto debit with the original company, however when "spruce" took over it was a disaster! I discovered the auto pay didn't work for them, I sent payment via my bank through bill pay, the "claim" they never received the monies! I had to send proof of payment, after numerous calls advising the payment was taken out of bank account, the discover I over paid! I would advise any and everyone DO NOT GO WITH SPRUCE!!!

Posted by bently6913 on Mar 10, 2023