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About Spruce Finance

Lease a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system with fixed monthly payments. Or purchase the power the system produces each month, the same way you pay your utility. Either way, you get free monitoring, maintenance, and insurance, as well as strong consumer protections.

Also available, solar loans are great if you prefer to own the solar PV system. Our homeowner loans offer attractive, flexible terms and strong consumer protections.

What Customers Are Saying

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Worst company ever, let me count the ways

1. Jeopardized the sale of my home 2. Scam you out of hundreds of dollars to just transfer the scam contract. 3. Install faulty and not up to code materials that almost caused my house to go on fire. 4. Have collections call me for charges during NO SERVICE. 5. Non existent customer service. 6. Nonexistent responsiveness

Posted by christopher.demeo on Apr 24, 2024

These pathetic people are the worst I have ever met or had to deal with.

Posted by scott.a.hines on Mar 20, 2024

We bought this house in 2017 the people who owned the home had solar panels installed the year before which unfortunately is Spruce we were told we had to take over the contract. HUGE MISTAKE We have had billing issues. Every month. Our bill always says we’re delinquent and they will even double and triple the amount owed. When I have called them about their mistake they try and say I’m wrong. Even when I give them the reference number

Posted by lisa_lens on Jul 29, 2023
I want to rip the panels of the roof and jam them up the CEO's ...!

The CEO and all upper management should be behind bars for their deceitful business practices, billing inconsistencies and their lack of taking any ownership for things promised. I do feel terrible for their customer service reps who are handcuffed to getting any vital or necessary information which the answer is always, "that info is from our billing department" which they can't even access because it is off site. This company doesn't even deserve one star.

Posted by marcrodig on Jul 17, 2023
Prevalent billing errors

Just got my third incorrect invoice of the year. The billing department of Spruce Power is feasting on their mistakes by collecting no ACH fees, late fees, and double dip into customer's account...... Nobody can hold them accountable.

Posted by ye_894 on May 08, 2023
Totally incompetent billing department

My account had been on auto pay for years with little to no problems, then Spruce Power took it over. Was receiving monthly paper invoice, tried to switch to paperless and all that happened was I stopped receiving paper invoice unable to find the invoice information on Spruce Power website, then started receiving paper copy again. Now, I receive a insufficient funds penalty for a ~$100 bill to an account that never had less than $1000 in it and $25,000 of overdraft protection. Turns out Spruce made an "update" to their system and lost my bank account information. So now I have to pay $4.95 fee to make a payment over the phone because my account is delinquent. Then as soon as my correct bank account information is back in the system they debit my account for the amount due which means they double dip my account and then tell me instead of asking for a refund I should just wait until next months bill is due and I will be ahead of the game because next months bill is about to debit (it is the 3rd of the current month). As far as I am concerned Spruce Power knows there is nothing customers can do to get rid of them as a provider and they have a guaranteed income stream customer be dammed.

Posted by budduskey on May 05, 2023