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BrightEye Solar LLC - Profile & Reviews

Bright Eye Solar is licensed to design and install residential and commercial solar electric systems in PA, NJ and MD. We are a full service company providing engineering, financing, procurement, installation and maintenance. We offer competitive pricing and have a reputation for providing a great customer experience and the highest level of workmanship throughout PA, NJ and MD.

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  • "Great Service"

    Reviewed Jan 30, 2020

    I did a ground mount system and during excavation they ran into serious rocks. They got the job done and did not come back to me with a change order even though I know the rocks costs them extra time and money. The team was really professional and kept me in the loop during the installation process.

  • "Grid tied solar"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2019

    Had a system installed in 2018. Very happy with the installation process and performance so far.

  • "Solar pannel"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2019

    Jim and his team were great. I talked to a number of solar companies before deciding on Bright Eye Solar. Well I am not disapointed. Jim was upfront about everything. He told me about the 30% tax credit and said you may not get it all it depends on how much tax you pay. He explained the difference between owning and leasing. Answered ever question. He showed me what the house will look like with the pannel on line before ever comming out. His estimate was right on. We have a 13.2 kwp system. We could have had 10 more pannels or so from what other companies showed us online. Jim said they would not get the sun they need he was right. I have been watching the shade in the back of my house and the roof dosen't get the sun all day just a couple hours. Other companies had pannels there in their estimates. Jim also got us the financing we need. So no more electric bill just the loan wich is less and will never go up.

    Jim's team did great work our house looks good. They were very professional cleaned up after themselves. I would recommend them. Their customer service is great.

    Thanks Bright Eye Solar

    Sue and Jim Scharf

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  • "Overall Best"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2019

    When looking into the cost savings that solar energy would provide to us we realized it was silly not to make the investment. After researching, interviewing, and price/product comparing over 15 different solar companies, we decided to go with Bright Eye about a year and a half ago. Jim, the owner, worked directly with us to develop optimize, and customize a plan that worked for us. The company delivered on their promises and products. We had one minor issue with the system's connection (did not affect production) and the tech team notified us immediately and the issue was quickly and easily resolved. I love that Bight Eye is a local company that is small enough to provide us the customer support that we need but large enough to come to a price point that works for us. I would recommend this company and would use them if we had to do it over again!

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  • "Excellent Product & Service"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2019

    The entire process of obtaining our solar system from BrightEye was wonderful. Jim and his team helped us from the get-go to let us know exactly what we were buying. Everything from the components themselves to how the system was hooked up to our home to SRECs were explained in detail upfront. Every question I had was answered.

    Communication from BrightEye was great throughout the process. On a daily basis during the install, the project lead updated me several times. I was told what the daily plan was, their progress, and what to expect the next day. I was also made aware of any challenges they faced and how that would impact the install timeline (I had a pole-mounted array installed in PA in the middle of January). The entire install team was very professional and respectful towards me, my family, and my property.

    Closing in on the 2nd anniversary of the install, I am astonished by how accurate Jim's forecasting models were when it came to power generation of the system. We used the numbers he provided in his proposal to forecast our savings in terms of our electric bill and his forecast remains within a few percentage points of the actual.

    I highly recommend BrightEye Solar for their knowledge, professionalism, service, and overall approach to furthering solar energy.

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  • "Good results and service. Few minor hitches."

    Reviewed Jan 11, 2018
    "Good results and service. Few minor hitches."

    Reviewed Jan 11, 2018

    I began looking into solar panels back in 2016 and started my communication with Jim back then. Unfortunately, some expenses came up and I had to delay; Jim was professional and understood. I picked up communication again in Fall 2017 and after talking with a couple of other companies including a national chain I decided to go with Bright Eye Solar. I was a bit concerned because I have not seen many recent reviews but I spoke with some references and I did see that that they were busy with plenty of other jobs which made me more comfortable with my decision.
    In terms of the process itself, we did run into a couple hitches. First, my electric provider didn’t approve the micro inverters we were planning on this year yet (was on schedule to be approved in early 2018) so with had to change to optimizer. Second, the measurements were redone. This started off to be a good thing as it allowed us to get an extra panel on the roof. Unfortunately, we ran into hitch number 3: the mounting system was supposed to be one system. Unfortunately, the mounting system I wanted needed a bit more space and there was a miscommunication that resulted in half my roof with one mounting system and half with the other mounting system.
    Despite the hitches, they crew was very friendly, respectful and professional. There was constant communication and the job was completed in early December. I was constantly comparing my system production to another system not far from me that is about 250 w larger than my system. Throughout December I was finding that on most days my system was actually outperforming the other despite mine being slightly smaller even though neither of us are in the shade. It is now January 11 and my system has produced 478 kWh so far this month; the comparative system is only about 400 kWh for the month so far.
    I am very pleased with the results and the customer service of Bright Eye.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Bright Eye Solar LLC specializes in providing a customized solar electric design for every customer. Our solar pv installations are completed with the highest level of workmanship and customer service. We employ master licensed electricians, offer comprehensive site surveys and shading assessments, provide full whole home/ building energy audits, 100% production guarantee regardless of weather patterns, tree trimming/ removal, re-roofing from our partner roofing companies and additional electrical wiring services as needed.

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



BrightEye Solar LLC Headquarters

1200 Corporate Blvd. Ste. 16
Lancaster, PA
17601 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 year warranty on solar modules, 25 year warranty on micro inverters, 10 year warranty on string inverters, 10 year warranty on workmanship which can be extended to 25 years to cover all parts and service.




Masters Electrial license in MD, NJ and PA


Full insurance through Eire Insurance

States served by BrightEye Solar LLC

  • Maryland MD ,
  • Pennsylvania PA