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Solar by Kiss

We are a full service contractor from sales to installation to service
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Business Incorporation: 2001
: Electrical Contractor also


NABCEB Certified

Manufacturer Certifications

  • PWRpartner
  • SolarEdge Preferred

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Outstandingly horrible

This company is not helpful and im

Posted by Paul Smith on Oct 04, 2017
Dishonest and Unprofessional

Solar by KISS signed a contract to put 36 solar panels on my roof, at some point they decided that they could only put 24 panels on my roof. Did they come to me to discuss the difference or admit they made a mistake and try to fix it? No, they went behind my back and tried to register a 24 panel system with the NJ SREC program without my knowledge and hoped I wouldn't notice. When I asked them about the discrepancy, they lied to me. I confronted them and they tried to convince me to sign a new contract with them for a 24 panel system. I refused and asked for my deposit ($10,450) to be refunded because they were dishonest with me. After over 50 emails and phone calls they finally agreed to refund my money by a certain date, that date came and went and I never received my money back. They came up with one excuse after another e.g. you have to wait 30 days until the refund is issued, we need a certified letter, the check is on the CFO's desk but not signed, the CFO is out this week, etc. They took great pleasure in giving me the run-around, not returning my phone calls, transferring me to a number that either rang forever or prompted me to leave a message that was never returned, accepting my call and pretending they couldn't hear me or calling me back on my home phone number when I left my mobile phone number, etc. The entire office seems to be staffed by people that think it's acceptable to tell lies if they are being paid to do it. It was only after I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, NJ Division of Consumer Affairs and the PA Attorney General among others that I finally got my money back. Some of my other issues with KISS is that they required 90% of the total cost of the project paid before anything was delivered to my house or any work was done at all and that they didn't provide me with a copy of the contract I signed until I insisted on it. In 25 years of dealing with all different types of contractors I have never dealt with a bunch that is as dishonest and unprofessional as Solar by KISS/KISS Electric.

Posted by wmaximusd on Oct 25, 2016



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