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Enerpower - Profile & Reviews

Enerpower is a global energy procurement and advisory firm with focus on power in N. America and refined oil products globally. Other services include Demand Response and Geothermal products.

At Enerpower, we pride ourselves in connecting end-users with matching suppliers, thereby driving profitability and yielding the best value for your energy. Instead of basing procurement decisions on contract expiration dates alone, we look at other external factors that may lead to more favorable terms (i.e. seasonality, socio-political factors, historical pricing). By being proactive in our approach, you are able to leverage our market expertise to your advantage and capitalize on opportunities while they are still available.

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  • "Spammers. They keep calling you after telling them to stop"

    "Spammers. They keep calling you after telling them to stop"

    Reviewed Mar 04, 2022

    Someone came to my house about solar, I was curious so I said they could give me a quote. They quoted me over $10K more than what other companies in the past had. I told them I am not interested. Then they kept on calling me over and over. I told them to stop calling me but they wouldn't. One even called me and said I see that you asked to not be called again, so they definitely know I don't want to speak with them. I have now had to file a complaint with the FCC and my next step with be to file a lawsuit against them for breaking do not call laws.

  • "A very surprising bad experience of stalking"

    "A very surprising bad experience of stalking"

    Reviewed Jan 24, 2022

    My experience.
    Called to set up an appointment to talk about services.
    They sent me an invite with no way to contact them. So I thought they would just call me. I waited. They didn't.
    This happened 1 or 2 more times. (don't remember) with me setting up an appointment and just waiting by the phone.
    Then I said ok. let's just forget it. Then I start getting calls to set up an appointment. I ask them to please stop. They won't.
    I repeat they won't. Someone even said outright that if I get solar installed they will stop calling me. I asked what her name was and she hung up the phone.
    I feel like I am being stalked. I started looking at the numbers they are calling from so I could block them.
    I am not sure what more to say. They have called so many times to ask about solar. The crazy part is I didn't even call for solar. I don't need solar. But I have gotten so tired of correcting them, that I don't even anymore.
    I post this only because I really wish they didn't have my number / email.

  • "Run away as far as you can"

    Reviewed Jan 06, 2022

    The worst company I dealt with…
    First they came and messed up my roof and made holes on my ceiling. It took them 3 months to cover the cheap cost. Than the financing was a problem. They messed up. Than instarted getting bills from them and ladwp. After writing a bad review the ceo called me tried to work it out with me. So i gave them a chance. After the second bill i got from ladwp plus solar he told me that if i get another bill more than the $24 service fee charge he would install 4 more panels (because the panels that the installed are not rnough what i asked for). And he would pay my full past 9 months bills. And of course that was a lie again. They never answer phone calls and text messages. Stay as faaaaaar as you can from this company So i am hiring an attorney to sue them and take this bs panels off of my roof and have my roof as it was before.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Enerpower is committed to helping companies and consumers reduce their environmental footprint by providing renewable energy solutions. We help you achieve diverse financial, environmental and stakeholder relations objectives. Whether it’s purchasing clean energy, implementing operational efficiencies that reduce your overall energy expenses, or identifying solutions that are in alignment with your company's sustainability objectives, Enerpower is your trusted source of consultative advice. Enerpower partners with industry leaders to provide you with cutting-edge renewable energy solutions that deliver on the promise of cleaner energy and more efficient energy utilization strategies.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator

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