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Enerpower is committed to helping companies and consumers reduce their environmental footprint by providing renewable energy solutions. We help you achieve diverse financial, environmental and stakeholder relations objectives. Whether it’s purchasing clean energy, implementing operational efficiencies that reduce your overall energy expenses, or identifying solutions that are in alignment with your company's sustainability objectives, Enerpower is your trusted source of consultative advice. Enerpower partners with industry leaders to provide you with cutting-edge renewable energy solutions that deliver on the promise of cleaner energy and more efficient energy utilization strategies.
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About Enerpower

Enerpower is a global energy procurement and advisory firm with focus on power in N. America and refined oil products globally. Other services include Demand Response and Geothermal products.

At Enerpower, we pride ourselves in connecting end-users with matching suppliers, thereby driving profitability and yielding the best value for your energy. Instead of basing procurement decisions on contract expiration dates alone, we look at other external factors that may lead to more favorable terms (i.e. seasonality, socio-political factors, historical pricing). By being proactive in our approach, you are able to leverage our market expertise to your advantage and capitalize on opportunities while they are still available.

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Solar panels installed late June 2022. I was told and the agreement noted that the solar panels will be operational within 3 months. That means October 2022. The panels are NOT operational as of today. I have suffered harm in several ways: 1. I started to pay my loan so I incurred additional cost without the savings on electrical cost. 2. I may not get a tax credit. 3. enerpower could not even tell me when the permits where filed. 4. it is over a year and nobody has visited to inspect, clean or ensure that the panels are still good. my email address is and I am looking for other people with similar bad experience to contact me so that I can form a group who can be together to claim against the enerpower This is enerpower located at Chatsworth, CA, usa

Posted by rudivy on Jul 12, 2023
Avoid at all costs

This company is a complete scam and will quickly sign you up for a loan but won't actually complete the solar installation and will eventually ghost you without warning. I have half-installed panels that I've been paying for six months, and the multiple contacts I have at Enerpower refuse to answer texts or calls. I'm now in the process of taking legal action and have to pay a different solar company to complete the installation. I should have read their reviews before working with them. Don't make the same mistake I did!

Posted by energysage on Feb 14, 2023
FYI - Recovery Actions with Another Company

My installation took 2 days starting 17September 2021 but the system was never completed. The physical installation was all completed after about 1.5 years. However the plans/inspections with the city was not. The city will not pass the inspection since what was installed did not match the layout and the panel count listed in the plans. The physical install would have passed, according to the inspector. Enerpower Holdings dba Entron had chosen to use under rated panels (35 of them according to the plans, plans called for 375W but 325W was installed) until I caught them. Then they installed 5 more to make up for the difference. But even if they had used the right panels, the layout on the roof is different than the plans. Just like you, they ignored all calls or not pick them up. These people included John, CJ, Ryan, Claudia, Anthony, AB, Darius, etc. I had even went to the Chatsworth office (Lurline Ave) to talk to them. My recovery: 1. Filled a complaint with the California State License Board: With enough of you, it would definitely place a lien against their license. I provided photos of damages to my house to them (large holes on the roof, damages to roof, holes in interior ceiling, cracks in interior, damage equipment, etc), restitution requested (including costs to complete by another company, loss of warranty when completed by another company) etc. I urge you to do the same so that enough of us would make them loose their license. 2. Contacted a company in Pasadena called Clean Initiative. They are friendly and responsive. I recommend walk in and talk to the CEO first (Pablo). They are will to take on completing the job. Reasonable costs, at least to me. They understood that I had already shelled out money. But I understand that they don’t do things for free. Good luck

Posted by yodakl on Feb 08, 2023
Class Action Lawsuit Against Enerpower?

The initial contract was signed in July 2022, I was told the solar panel installation project would take around 1 month to complete. Unfortunately, it has been almost 5 months and still no sign of when the service can go live. Signed a loan for $80,000 for the service with the monthly fee of $237.46 which will replace my monthly electricity bill. It was expected the service would go live on August 2022 (we were told we were just waiting on permits) and that we would have started paying a lower payment then our regular electricity bill. For some reason, Enerpower notified the loan company that the project already completed in October so the loan was started. Even though the project was not even close to completion. From time to time, the customer service would schedule the service but often no one show up and either have any call to inform me. Only when I called them, they would have excuses that why the technician was not able to make it or the previous technician did not complete the job so now they have to send someone else to redo it. Every time I call they would said need to check with the crew but never respond back for updates. Impossible to reach management to escalate the issue. We have been billed by the financial company for an incomplete system that was never hooked up to the grid. Enerpower is FRAUDULENT. I would like to request to cancel the contract and remove the installed solar panels. We will join any class action law suit against Enerpower.

Posted by elprovis on Oct 23, 2022

Promised 2-3 months to get solar going. I started following up after 2 months and got “it’s delayed” “staff sick” “overwhelmed “ with volume could not even tell me when they filed permits. Now I’m paying amortization and still paying usual electric bills. I wish others who have similar experience can contact me so that we can jointly protect our interest

Posted by rudivy on Oct 21, 2022
Fraudulent people

Do not hire. Won’t return calls and won’t follow through on commitments. The address posted is wrong. The actual address is 8950 Lurline Ave Chatsworth, Ca. Anthony at +1 (310) 985-2169 sounded genuine and showed up the first time. He hasn’t been responsive as of late and was due to come to my home on 3 occasions over the last week. My permits have still not gone through and my panels were installed in June. Fraudulent company.

Posted by lakristopher.devant on Oct 19, 2022



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