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Our goal is to bring a level of professionalism and efficiency to the solar installation industry, making it a pleasure for every homeowner to go solar.
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Now an AWARD WINNING SunPower Dealer!

Founded in 2009 our mission since day one is to make solar simple. We strive to empower homeowners to take control of their energy costs while creating a more sustainable future. We also provide customized solutions, such as ground mounts, tree removal, and roof replacement, among our various financing options, in order to find the best fit for each situation.
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  1. Ad Energy is the fastest solar installer in NJ (BBB Verified)

  2. We are a tenured, reliable company in consistent operation since 2009

  3. We offer a high variety of equipment and financing, no one size fits all

Elite installers are the top installers on EnergySage. They have excelled at providing great service and achieving results in the Marketplace. And they have truly distinguished themselves among their peers.

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Ad Energy can help homeowners in all aspects of a solar project and beyond including: roof replacement, tree removal, solar maintenance, solar inspections, critter guard installation, skirt installation, EV charging, and more.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Our team has an average of 8+ years solar experience and can advise you on everything solar and solar related. It's our team's priority that each homeowner get world class treatment and respect.

Tim Munson, VP of Sales


Business Incorporation: NJ0400276757
NABCEP: PV-041616-013920
NJHIC: 13VH07809600


Fully insured with General Business Liability and Workers Compensation.



Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • SunPower Authorized Dealer

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Sunpower Authorized Dealer

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Lacks transparency, greedy, delays

When the roof and solar panel installation project started, I was told the most time taken is for township and pseg approvals. It has already been 2 weeks since we got all approvals and I do not have any timelines for installation yet. When I followed up today, I was told it would take another 2 weeks to install. It is minimum 4 weeks to install after all the approvals were secured. Feeling disappointed at this point given the lack of clarity since we started the project. Update on above - Installation was finally done 4 weeks after the all the approvals from township and pseg. I was asked to make the payment as they only need to schedule township inspection of installation. I made the payment within two days. Almost one week passed and when followed up on status of township inspection, after two follow up emails, I am informed that they made modifications to the original installation plan and need to seek reapproval from township on that. No timelines can be provided. At this point, I feel that Adenergy/sunpower has been a bad decision on my part as they are not transparent with the process, do not provide any proactive updates on the project, trick you in to making the payments, leave you at the mercy of township to approve. Adenergy is making the overall process lengthy as there are delays and not a thorough process from their end.

Posted by daiveet on Sep 02, 2022
Great Installation Process and Follow-up

After looking several companies and some local companies we decided to go with SunPower / ad- energy. I am now confirming that was a good decision. It was a professional process and the support from Frank Van Hemert after the installation was complete to get setup for the incentives was invaluable. It would not have been possible and he hand carried me through each step. I have since had some opportunities to look at other installs and support other people have. I can say I am very, very happy I went with SunPower/ ad- energy. Doug Lee

Posted by Douglasjlee on Mar 21, 2022
My Experience with Ad Energy and SunPower was Terrific!!!

The first company I dealt with gave me a bad taste in my mouth. First off, they gave me a roof panel design on paper of which they only based the measurements from a drone surveillance. After which they changed the design four times which reduced the number of panels each time. Ad Energy sent someone up on the roof for manual measurements and had better panels. The first company was going to charge me a rental fee of $115 per month rental which went up 2.69% every year for 25 years. Whereas Ad Energy is only charging me $97.05 per month for the next 25 years of rental. I only must pay Atlantic City Electric’s taxes that ranges between $6.54 to $7.05 so far because of all the solar panel credits that I have built up since May 19th, 2021. When Ad Energy came to install the panels, they had enough professional and friendly people to do the job in one day! The electrician installed the panel boxes neatly on the outside back wall of my house. The solar panels installers professionally placed each panel on the roof. Excellent job! The installers removed a cable dish on the roof to place a solar panel there. About 2 months later, my home insurance inspector came and wanted the roof tiles replaced where the dish connected to the roof because she said there may be water leakage. I called Ad Energy and they took care of it quickly and professionally as well as closely matching the shingles that the inspector wanted replaced. I got a nice sign-up bonus to boot! There are also cash incentives given if someone you recommend gets a solar system as well. I must mention, if you sell your house, the solar rental agreement is transferable to the buyer. Would I recommend Ad Energy and SunPower, ABSOLUTELY!!! M.T.

Posted by Marlie on Feb 12, 2022
PERFECT from start to end

When it comes to anything I learn before I buy. I talked to 3 engineers where I work and found the equipment I wanted then I found the place that sold it. Just so I knew I was getting the best for my money. When i talked to bob, I let him sell on me to see what the company was like. In the end bob didn't hard sell me. He explained everything to me like me like i didn't know a thing. He was very helpfully and understanding with every concern or question I had. Even if it was after hours. he was fantastic. When it came time for the install I expressed concerns of the curb appeal. When the installer got here he listened to me and after looking at everything he told me that it would look great with no conduits or wires on the outside of the house. If it wasn't for the extra boxes needed next the the meter for cut off and monitoring, you wouldn't even know I had solar at all. They did such a wonderful job and did it so fast that I bought pizza and coke for them just to show them how thankful I was for the great work. Then there is Laura. That women keeps everything running smoothly and on time. Nothing has yet fallen in the cracks. All in all I got more than I could have asked for with this company. And trust me the products are great. Everything is from the same company with one warranty to cover it all.

Posted by djbeloved on Feb 04, 2022
Amazing professionals that care.

It's been a few years since we had our solar panels installed by ad energy and I couldn't be happier. I'm relatively hard to please as I consider myself a craftsman and I expect that level of work. Even as early as during the installation I wasn't 100% pleased with the clips used to install the panels to the rails because they were visible and they actually ordered new clips and removed the panels just to put the new clips in to make me happy at no cost to me. I've had them out a few times over the year to fix critter guards that the squirrels seem to like to play with and it's always a pleasure to deal with them. And recently I had work done to my house that required the inverter box to be removed and then replaced and the price was very reasonable. The quality of their work is 100% craftsman work with no metal conduit running outside. Very very clean installation which is the only way I would be happy and I can still say years later I'd choose ad energy over and over again.

Posted by dextermarshallfishing on Jan 24, 2022
AdEnergy Solar

Have experienced dealing with reps of this co for about a year - through initial contact by sales (Bob Schiffer), planning, deciding lease vs purchase, installation, inspection by power co and subsequent operation of system. Questions have been dealt with and help has been provided along the way (Frank VanHemer). Certain aspects of various forms required were a bit daunting, but assistance was provided.

Posted by joel71 on Jan 18, 2022



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