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Solar Symphony - Profile & Reviews

Solar Symphony is part of a contracting family that has been serving Californians for over 40 years. Aaron Eriksson grew up in San Diego contracting with his dad and eventually went on to build large commercial construction projects. It was here that he met Solar Symphony co-founder Rob Smith. Rob also spent many years in professional construction management and together Rob and Aaron have managed almost a billion dollars’ worth of construction projects. Many of these projects were built for the U. S. military and were technically challenging with very demanding specifications and quality control requirements.

It was this background in the design-build world of big commercial project management, where contracts were awarded based on best-value (meaning the highest quality at the lowest cost) that gave birth to Solar Symphony’s business model. Aaron and Rob spent two decades learning and perfecting some of the most sophisticated cost and quality control systems and methodologies that industry has to offer. Then the thought came, “Hey what would happen if we applied this to the solar industry?”

The answer: We’d be the most compelling value in solar energy.

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  • "Solar Symphony is a PRO team"

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2020

    Solar Symphony is Professional, Responsive and Organized

    Solar Symphony was referred by our neighbor who was very pleased with the job they did on his project. We are equally pleased.

    Professional: From the initial contact through the installation team, all team members were professional. Rob I. (our salesman) listened to our objectives and questions, helped clarify the features and benefits of the various technologies, and provided sound advice about the optimal system to meet our needs. Rachel (our project manager) and Bethany (operations manager) monitored progress, kept us informed with periodic updates and coordinated with SDG&E to activate our system (PTO) upon completion. Shawn (construction superintendent) oversaw construction and personally stepped in as needed to ensure an on-time installation. The crew arrived when expected, worked consistently to complete the tasks and stayed on schedule.

    Responsive: We received prompt replies to our questions. Moreover, we received proactive emails and telephone calls to keep us updated. We were confident the team was focused on completing our project on schedule.

    Organized: From the onset, the process was outlined in detail so we knew what to expect. In addition to all the coordination described above, it was obvious from prompt responses that there was good communication between members of the team.

    Solar Symphony did a very good job for us and we would refer them with confidence to friends and neighbors. They are real PROs.

  • "True professionalism"

    Reviewed Jan 06, 2020

    IMO character of a business in service industry is most important when there are exceptions or things are not going as expected/planned. Working with Solar Symphony has been an amazing experience from start to end. They assigned a professional to take you through every step and they were always on or ahead of schedule. We worked with Rachel, and she was always quick to respond and even during holidays. There is never a push for payment. Prices are very competitive and quality is awesome. We are very happy with Solar Symphony.

  • "Excellent experience with our Solar implementation"

    Reviewed Nov 23, 2019
    "Excellent experience with our Solar implementation"

    Reviewed Nov 23, 2019

    The planning and installment of our solar panels and monitoring system were flawless. Solar Symphony was able to work with the power company and ensure the approval went through. They did everything on our behalf except pay the bill.

  • "Fantastic system performance!"

    Reviewed Nov 22, 2019

    Very nice to have an electric bill of less than 100 dollars PER YEAR!!!

  • "Solar Installation and help"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2018

    We found Solar Symphony thru Pick My Solar. We were very pleased with there quick response and help. Alaina helped get us thru the paperwork and Bethany kept things non track. The crew were quick and careful during installation. They even did things that we were expecting to do ourselves.
    Thank You Solar Symphony
    Vern Adams

  • "A top notch company to deal with that offered one of best low competitive bids "

    Reviewed Sep 07, 2017
    "A top notch company to deal with that offered one of best low competitive bids "

    Reviewed Sep 07, 2017

    Will use this company again for another solar installation says it all as to their capabilities - top notch, very reasonable installation costs, and professional/easy group of people to deal with. Reviewed some 15 competitive solar company bids for a sizeable 42 panel installation and very pleased with the installation, particularly with their no pressure sales methodology.

  • "Great Company!"

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2017

    From start to finish, Solar Symphony made the whole process of going solar as smooth as possible. Their experience clearly shows as they worked directly with our HOA and City of Encinitas through the permit process. Construction took less than a day to complete and they did a great job. The Solar Edge app is great too and easy to install to your wifi. Highly recommend!

  • "New roof installation + design and installation of solar PV system"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2017
    "New roof installation + design and installation of solar PV system"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2017

    Solar Symphony did an excellent job under difficult circumstances.
    Difficult circumstances = A) I am a difficult customer + B) complexity of job elevated via new roof installation + C) working with deadline of June 30.
    Solar Symphony managed the project smoothly, timely and kept me advised of progress every step of the way.

  • "Quick, efficient and professional"

    Reviewed May 07, 2017
    "Quick, efficient and professional"

    Reviewed May 07, 2017

    Working with Solar Symphony was a complete pleasure. A client of mine hired Solar Symphony to do his residential solar installation and he gave them rave reviews so I contacted them. They were about 30% cheaper than the major players - you know, those guys with the huge sales staff bugging you every time you enter Home Depot or Lowes. The system was affordable enough that we were able to cover our entire electric bill with a system that would pay off in under five years. Much better than any lease.

    Once we gave the green light, we went from signing the estimate to turning the system on in about 30 days. Most of it was waiting for the city to do their inspection. Installation was two days. The team was professional, courteous and quick. These guys really have their act together and are quite efficient.

    I recommend Solar Symphony to ANYONE who is thinking about going solar. After you are done, you will run your A/C with no worries and rest easy knowing you just got rid of your electric bill and protected yourself from future pricing increases. These guys rock!

  • "Easiest project EVER!"

    Reviewed Mar 29, 2017

    This has got to be one of the smoothest project I've seen. Our initial meeting with Mark was great, Chris and the crew were awesome - getting the install done in a SINGLE DAY ! All the correspondence with the HOA, the city, the power company and city inspections, everything was really smooth from start to finish. It was a true PLEASURE dealing with Solar Symphony! We signed the paperwork on 2/15 and our system was up and running on 3/28. Solar Symphony took care of EVERYTHING. Easiest project EVER!

    I would HIGHLY recommend them!

  • "Never been happier with a contractor!"

    Reviewed Nov 22, 2016
    "Never been happier with a contractor!"

    Reviewed Nov 22, 2016

    If I could give them more stars I would. The whole process: from signing the contract to final approval from Edison and watching my meter go backwards took all of 3 weeks! Seamless installation, very friendly crew. There was a question on whether the inverter they provided me was going to be expandable for the future and it was determined that while yes, it was expandable for a few more panels it was not big enough for the potential increase of 10 more panels that I foresee doing in the future. They immediately put in an order for the larger unit at no extra charge! Everyone was very good at explaining any questions I had. They were even good about rescheduling my final walkthrough to receive my paperwork when I went on vacation. I will most definitely be telling anyone that will listen to give Solar Symphony a call and ask for Mike Curtis to come talk to them. He is so informative and not pushy at all. I can't say enough about the whole company. Be sure to include them as one of your calls for a quote. You will not be disappointed.

  • "I made the right decision."

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2016

    I agonized over the decision to invest the money required to put solar on my roof. I researched, interviewed and read differing accounts of many people. Ultimately I chose Solar Symphony. I was not disappointed. The work was done with great care and the results have been all that were promised. I would recommend Solar Symphony to anyone interested in adding solar to their home.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Solar Symphony was founded on a very simple idea: listen to our customers and give them what they want. And what do our customers want? They want the highest quality, longest lasting solar energy systems, delivered with concierge level customer service, at a very reasonable cost.

That’s a tall order, and a rare combination. To pull that off consistently we have to execute at a very high level. So we took the world’s great symphonies as our inspiration; to play in a symphony requires almost flawless execution. And since there are only a few dozen professional symphonies in the world, to earn the opportunity of playing you simply have to be the best in the world at your craft. Our name serves as a daily reminder to all of our people of the level of professionalism and excellence required in order for us to accomplish our mission and vision.

So how are we doing delivering on our promises? Solar Symphony has the highest percentage of five star reviews of any mid to large sized solar company in California -- 99.6% across all online review sites: Yelp, Google +, Solar Reviews, Facebook, Home Advisor, and Energy Sage.

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  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Solar Symphony Headquarters

1255 Stone Dr
San Marcos, CA
92078 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 year parts and labor. 20 years on our penetrations of Customer's roof as long as Customer's roof lasts equally as long.


Business Incorporation: C3563446
NABCEP: # PV-041214-001856
Contractor's License California: 988146


General Liability -- 1 million each occurrence, 2 million aggregate, plus an Umbrella Policy for 2 million.
Workers Comp. -- 1 million each accident

States served by Solar Symphony

  • California CA