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Momentum Solar

-Zero out-of-pocket expenses for the homeowner or business owner
-Free installation
-Complimentary system maintenance and warranty
-Complimentary system monitoring and performance guarantee
-Roof work completed at cost (when customer needs roof repairs or replacement)
-Complimentary tree removal for eligible systems
-Inspections and installations completed by in-house contractors only
-Unprecedented customer service
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Momentum Solar is a privately held NJ solar company headquartered in Metuchen. The company is committed to making solar panels affordable and providing immediate savings for their clients while helping the environment. Their team of in-house professionals has an extensive wealth of knowledge in custom designing solar power systems for both residential and commercial properties. Momentum Solar manages the entire customer life cycle from the initial sale to design, permitting, installation and activation of the system to make the process simple and easy for homeowners and business owners.
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Services Offered

  • Installation

Workmanship Warranty

10 years for installation.


HIC NJ 13V0553900
HIC NYC - 2042828-DCA
HIC Suffolk County NY - 57578

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Platinum Installer

What Customers Are Saying

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Fraudulent Sales and Product .

Steer away from this company. They will sell you a product that will not produce any type of savings. They work together with the manufacturer site you numbers that the system works and will not produce any savings. I have all the objectives evidence as a customer this company is a fraudulent company. It amazes me how they are still in business!

Posted by isidro.molinar222 on Dec 17, 2023
Two years after the Installation

They say “We are with you from the beginning and beyond” Here’s the reality: I am a customer that had my panels installed in 2021. June 2023, the 26th to be exact, our Enphase went down. We had no idea as not one sales person or anyone for that matter showed us that in the app, there are certain notifications to turn on for your email and in the app to alert you to a problem. It took from July 27, when we got a power bill that was way above the $35 a month we had been paying, we payed off the whole system in 2022, until yesterday 8/17/23, to get the system back online and reporting again to the power company. Why did it take that long? Let me tell you… July 27th started the process of contacting customer service. I was told I would get a phone call in 48 to 72 hours. 72 hours came and went with no phone call. Called again with very little resolution to my current situation. In full desperation, I posted a negative review on their Instagram page. I also sent a email to customer service. That’s when I finally got a message back an email and a phone call one week later! After all of that, it still took three days to get a date of when a technician would be out to look at the problem. That was on 8/17/23, yesterday!!! Why did that part take so long? Oh, this is the best part! Once Momentum has put your solar panels on, you are no longer a priority. That’s right! They would rather make their money up front selling and installing systems, instead of making sure their current customers stay up and running too! This was directly from the technician that came out to fix the problem. Customers that are having panels installed are prioritized above the customer that has a problem. During their deliberate delay, each day was costing me precious money for power that I should not have needed!!! It was a fuse in the fuse box, by the way. An easy fix that was delayed because the “from the beginning and beyond” statement above does not apply at all!! Momentum Solar needs to get their act together and realize that, ALL CUSTOMERS COUNT!!!!!! At this point someone at Momentum Solar owes me for the power I had to pay for due to the lack of consideration and efficiency on their part in getting this matter resolved in a timely manner!! New customers be aware!!! Momentum Solar does NOT care about you once they have moved on from the installation process and has your money. Of this you can be sure!!!

Posted by binkibunni on Aug 18, 2023

I had an appointment booked with a Momentum representative for this morning to discuss putting up additional solar PV. No one came at the appointed time, 8am. At 11am, I called Momentum asking about no-show and was informed that they decided to cancel my appointment because I have a pre-dating installation on one of my roofs. The phone representative explained that they will not look at any location with existing equipment. Nice! Why could they have not told me at the time I made my appointment, or as soon as they realized their error. Don't bother with Momentum. There are many other qualified installers looking for your business.

Posted by bignoyz.dan on Jun 30, 2023
Bad experience

Was looking forward to meeting Momentum as I have met with Posigen, Sunpower, Sunrun, Power home remodeling regarding solar installation. Google reviews showed fairly good reviews with occasional technical issues and some pushy sales tactics but due to the relatively good reputation, I decided to give them a try. Invited Momentum solar to give quote to my home on 11/21/22. Asked for them to email me the specifications of my solar plan so I can compare to other vendors. Hugo (senior or manager) that the solar salesman referred me to prior to ending to engagement proceeded to engage in high pressure sales tactics. When I told him that I wanted time to compare specifications on my own he said “look it up on Google” and to “get the f*ck out” after spending 1hr with their salesperson. Will not be purchasing from them nor will I be referring them to friends/ colleagues/neighbors This one star review will stand until written apology provided by Hugo or management.

Posted by deeptrivedi on Nov 22, 2022
Working at momentum

Momentum don’t value their canvassers and the hard work they put in I’ve been working at momentum for 4 months and every check I got they shorted it!!!!!! The base pay and all the demos I had set up they don’t appreciate the effort we put in this job deserves 1/10 I don’t recommend anyone working here you’re better off skipping the application on indeed it sounds good until you really work for them this wasn’t worth the training at all

Posted by annefontus1 on Jul 22, 2022
Pushy sales tactics.. high price

Today I had the first visit from a momentum sales person. Took more than two hours of our time and would not leave. Then called supervisor for a "Quality Assurance" check. This was another half an hour push to sign contract. Their price is more than double that of many local and national solar companies. Stay away from this shady business. Please do your research before signing any contract.

Posted by Joe.A on Apr 28, 2022



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