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Greenify Energy Savers

Solar panels only provide a partial solution, but combined with energy efficiency upgrades provides a total solution. Find out how we can help you save off both Gas and Electricity. Do not do solar before talking to us. "Reduce then Produce"

Step 1. Schedule a ENERGY AUDIT. We will perform a BLOWER DOOR TEST with an infrared scan of your entire home , inspect all your major appliances, inspect the attic insulation levels and ventilation, and analyze your gas and electric bills. Then we will create a CUSTOMIZED home action plan. All in 1-2 Hours

Step 2. Go solar with us and recieve a sizeable amount of ENRGY UPGRADES for free! Our trained auditor will prioritize all the necessary recommendations according to what the house needs most and what your specific needs are. SOLAR AND ENERGY UPGRADES COMBINED vs. SOLAR ONLY . What do you think wins...... Get started now and schedule an ENERGY AUDIT.

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