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Service Finance Company, LLC

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About Service Finance Company, LLC

Service Finance Company, LLC is a nationally licensed sales finance company and an approved FHA Title I Lender. We are a primary lender providing installment loan solutions for qualified borrowers with favorable consumer interest rates and extended repayment terms. Our program strives to produce a low monthly payment that may offset the energy savings your customers enjoy when purchasing many energy savings products such as: HVAC, Windows, Doors, Siding, Sunrooms, Flooring, Water Treatment, Plumbing, Solar, Roofing, Insulation and many more.
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Service Finance Review Cynthia G.

I have used this company to finance my roof. I have called about the loan. The woman said because my credit score was low, 766 at that time, I was eligible for 10.9 percent financing. This was a DAILY interest. So that means it accrues every day. Now, I was paying 2 times a month 700.00 every 2 weeks, and I was notified of being late for the payment because I paid on 5/05/2024, not on 05/01/2024. I will see if a late fee applies, and they have no grace period, not one day. I am not understanding because I am paying 2 x a month. Anyway, people in customer service are rude. When you call you have to ask specific questions. I was not aware this was a daily interest. To find out, interest accrues and it adds up to over 500.00 a month just for interest! I have used this company for a roofing project. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. You will never pay off and will pay 3-4 times of your loan amount.

Posted by c.grigalonis on May 04, 2024
They would not cancel the loan after I canceled the contract

They wouldn't cancel my loan after I already canceled my construction project. I canceled a contract for roof solar with Solar Max Inc. by email on the 2nd day and by paper signature on 3rd business day (5th day including weekends) which was instructed by the solar company representative, but badly Solar Max would not reply me. Solar Max's representative asked my SSN number for credit verification purpose, but actually they cheated me as they already set down a loan with SFC on me. SFC emailed me a link for a loan document and asked me to sign, I NEVER replied and opened that link. I called SFC to cancel and emailed them all my cancellation files and email communications, but they would not cancel while insisting that only contractor can request it due to that I passed my 3-day right (actually I did not do anything wrong for the cancellation). They would not even send me a loan document which I requested. It is so weird or unethical that they chose to be blind on my documents instead hooking me there, regardless that I never agreed, never be aware or informed, and never signed SFC's email document, to use them as my loaner.

Posted by qinwu.xu on Nov 07, 2023
Shady Company

This is an incredibly shady company. They don't respond to emails. The customer service staff on the phone are ignorant and rude. And unlike any loan company I've ever seen, won't even allow you to make payments on weekend dates. Smells like fraud.

Posted by m.a.jeffries on Aug 20, 2023
Terrible customer service

I called the company today about interest charges on my statement that should have been waived for a 12 month promo period. The man I spoke with was very short with me and treated me like I was an idiot. I will never do business with this company again. The one thing that these employees have control over is their customer service. This man lacked decency and respect for customers which is the least of what I expect from a business. Shame on him for his treatment of me!!!

Posted by jamie.l.huggins on Jun 07, 2023
Problem with solar panels.

Worst company. I am paying for solar panels that are sitting at the side of my house and in my garden.Had to replace my roof. And cannot find any one to put these panels back on my roof. Solar co went out of business. I am a 75 year old woman that has been robbed blind. This problem is affecting my health.

Posted by joanemack on Jan 21, 2023
Terrible customer service and no sense of empathy

This company has no sense of urgency or empathy. My escrow company paid off my loan 09/06, but overpaid it despite that I gave them the updated loan amount. Since then I have been calling every 2 weeks to check on the status of my reimbursement check for $388+. I keep getting the runaround. I called again 10/11 and only then did the person on the line actually submit an inquiry on my behalf to see if the check has been cashed or not so that it can be reissued. They said they would call me today with a status. Despite this, I didn't get a call so when I called again, the new representative said I have to wait another 30 days before they will get a response from the bank in order to reissue the check. This is absurd. It does not take 30 days to get a status on a check. It did me no good to elevate my concerns to a Supervisor as they refused to do anything to speed up the process on my behalf. I won't ever enter into a loan with this company ever again.

Posted by CHRISTIE.beers on Nov 15, 2022
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