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Soleil Energy Solutions LLC

We offer separate packages For aesthetics or budget. We inform our customers, with a local company you can depend on from start to finish!
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About Soleil Energy Solutions LLC

Established by Texans for Texans, We proud ourselves in offering the best products for the best prices with the best craftsmanship available in our great state. We offer free home evaluation, free quotes and much more.
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance


NABCEP: PV-102415-011836



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  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Solar panels in RGV

My husband and I are originally from north Texas, we moved down to the valley in 2017 and have been having small heart attacks every time the electric bill comes in. From my understanding AEP owns the lines that distribution companies run their electricity through down here causing a high cost in electricity prices having to go through a 3rd party. We were not down with these "delivery fee's" we were being charged with every month and couldn't cut our bill to save our lives. We upgraded the AC unit, blew in more insulation and put LED bulbs throughout our home, though it did save us some we still had over $300 in electricity charges each month. I shopped around for solar panels for a while, and got a few quotes from companies that weren't from this area (it seems not many are down here yet). I wasn't impressed with the big companies and thought that I might get lost in just being a number for them. I started to look for 5 star google rated companies that were smaller in size and stumbled on Soleil. Jennifer and Abbas came to my home and sat at my table and didn't sell us sparkle they actually didn't try to sell anything to us! They told us realistically our roof wasn't large enough to take away the entire bill (other companies didn't tell us that) but that we could get some where around 60% yearly off with panels. I was so impressed at the fact that they sat and got to know us and left on their 3 hour drive back to San Antonio without a signed contract. Jennifer told us to talk it over and make an informed choice that we would be happy with in the end. So we took a few days and decided that we were going to go with the panels even though we'd only cover 60%. For us anything it made total sense. Along the way there were a few hiccups and I became a bit frustrated with the amount of time it took to get things actually going... But Jennifer answered my calls and texts every time and handled each problem personally. Abbas (her husband) did the actual installation of the panels and it was a pleasure getting to know him the time it took to get the panels on our home. The measure of a contractor is not only how well they do a job but how they handle mistakes, because they will happen. And Soleil handled everything wonderfully and I couldn't be happier with their service and expertise. Go small and go with Soleil you won't regret it one bit!

Posted by SolarRGV_mom on Dec 06, 2018
Panels and battery installed in Del Rio, TX

I contacted many different solar installation companies looking for someone who operates in my area (150 miles west of San Antonio) and Soleil Energy Solutions was the only one willing to make the trip out here. Fortunately for me, they’re also a great company to work with. I was able to deal directly with the owners of the company, Abbas and Jennifer, and their customer service is top notch. They had a customized assessment the day after I contacted them which included the size of system best suited for my home and energy consumption, the cost of the system with all the rebates and tax rebates I qualified for, and the amount of money I’d save on my light bill. They also offered me multiple financing options and guided me through that whole process. I had a ton of questions throughout the entire process and whether I emailed them or texted them after business hours, I got a response right away. They took care of everything for me including securing the rebates and city permits so I didn’t really have to do anything. The crew they had doing the actual solar panel and backup battery installation are all veterans, which I really appreciated because of their attention to detail. They were very courteous and they made sure the panels added to the curb appeal of my house as far as their placement. I’m really excited to finally have a solar panel system for my home and I’d definitely recommend Soleil to anyone who’s interested in switching to solar too.

Posted by calvetti3501 on May 25, 2018



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