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About All American Solar Services LLC

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Services Offered

  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

3 year bumper to bumper, parts, labor, no questions asked, equipment swap out for equal or better, additional 2 year parts (limited to manufacturers warranty), labor, any roof damage caused by system installation.


Licensed electrician on staff


All necessary liability, etc + additional umbrella coverage


Certified, experienced installation crew on staff

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • Better Business Bureau

What Customers Are Saying

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Outstanding Solar Company Using Equipment Made in America

Since the first day we met him, our salesperson, Blake Blackmon demonstrated expert knowledge of solar energy as well as outstanding customer focus. He was patient and answered countless questions that my wife and I had along the way. He came back to our house several times to answer questions and give us a preview of what steps to expect. Steve, the owner, also came to our home for an additional quality control inspection and to ensure our complete satisfaction. Everyone in the office at All American Solar is helpful, courteous, and focused on quality customer care. If you are considering solar for your home, look no further. Call Blake Blackmon at All American Solar. He will take good care of you and he will ensure the job is done right. - Carl Eidson, highly satisfied customer

Posted by carl_eidson on Dec 14, 2020
Great Company

We heavily relied on customer reviews in deciding on a company. While the cost of the system was a factor, I was more influenced in my decision by actual customers’ experiences. This was a huge undertaking and financial investment, and we wanted a company we were confident would still be around years down the road and had a reputation for providing quality service. We had a total of 60 panels placed on the roof. We also purchased a pool pump, the Rheem hybrid hot water heater, a Generac 22kW whole home generator, and a solar power roof vent. My pool pump went out just after getting the financing arranged but before any work actually started. We knew it was dying which is why we were having a more energy efficient pump installed. I called AAS and they came out the next day and replaced the pump! Furthermore, the pump they quoted originally was not what I ended up wanting. I had been doing some research and found I wanted the Pentair VS/VF model. It was more expensive which I was fine with because it is a top quality pump. They got that pump for me and then didn’t charge me any more for it! I had a 120 gallon above ground propane take to heat the pool/spa. But, I needed a much larger tank to also run the Generac in case of an extended power outage. A buried 500 gallon was in the original quote. But, it turned out Code would not allow it to be buried where the original was. So Amerigas had to bury the 500 gallon tank on the opposite side of the house from the pool heater/Generac. This meant they had to run gas line through the attic from one side of the house to the other. This was an additional $800 from the original quote. Financing for the original quote was already secured so AAS stuck to their quote and ate that $800 without a word. Like any large project, there we some hiccups. County would not sign off inspection because of some minor issues with labeling and schematics. But it was resolved. There were some extend delays due to having waits Amerigas to install and hook up the Generac before the installation of the solar. There were some very aggravating issues with failure to communicate reasons for delays and we actually had to sent a pretty harsh email. The owner responded by coming over and personally talking thru the issues. He took ownership of the problem and resolved it. I got a weekly call from that point every Friday with an update. They originally promised to make any payments that came due for the financing if the project was not completed by the first due date. As mentioned we had some significant delays in completing the project. As promised, they reimbursed me for the first two payments. I was on the budget plan with Duke energy which was $390/month. I received my first Duke electric bill today where I had an entire billing period with the solar generating power. It was $41.00. And that was for a July/August billing period which are some of the highest energy usage months. So the net cost of the loan is going to be zero. The reduction of the energy bill pays for the loan. Taking into consideration the few negative experiences with all the positives, I have no problems recommending All American Solar. I would sign with them again if I had to do it all over. I know I have a quality product with the Enphase solar panels and a good company backing up their service. Blake sat down with us at our dining room table at our first meeting and honestly explained everything. He mapped out the plan and how they calculate how many panels were needed. I truly needed 5 more panels than my roof size would permit. We made up the difference by replacing the 20 year old hot water with a more energy efficient hybrid tank which we love and also replacing the single stage pool pump with the more efficient Pentair. There was not one single thing presented to us that was false or misleading in the end. I was thrilled with the first energy bill today. That was where the rubber hits the road so to speak as to whether this was actually all worth it. I don’t think you could do better than All American Solar!

Posted by pannellkj on Aug 25, 2020



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