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Trust Sunrun for your home's solar because you’ll be cared for and looked after like family as long as you are a customer – and because:

- Sunrun has over 17 years of high-quality custom solar installations.
- We steer clear of one-size-fits-all solar systems because your home and electricity needs are one-of-a-kind.
- You can choose from a variety of affordable ways to pay, from a lease to a PPA to full ownership.
- You’ll enjoy Sunrun Lifetime Support—if something breaks, we fix it for free.
- Sunrun offers guaranteed production—if your panels under-produce, we’ll refund your money.
- If you sell your home, our promise transfers to the new owners. Our dedicated Service Transfer Team will make it easy for both seller and buyer.

How’s that for peace of mind? Choose Sunrun as your solar panel company and save!
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Our Vision
Sunrun believes there is a better, less expensive, cleaner way for families to power their homes. With Sunrun’s residential rooftop solar, storage and energy services, homeowners are saving money while dramatically reducing the amount of air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) they release into the atmosphere. After 10 years, Sunrun is still a steadfast believer in the power of the sun, and we aren’t alone. Continued, growing demand for our products and services proves that more and more Americans want better energy options. Our mission is simple – create a planet run by the sun.

Solar is Inevitable
Sunrun is the pioneer of the solar-as-a-service model. We invented a new, simpler, more affordable way for homeowners to harness the natural resource of the sun to power their homes. Sunrun has grown by leaps and bounds, serving more than 189,000 families nationwide. We continue to drive innovation of solar generation, storage and energy services and technologies.

Everyone should have the freedom to choose where they get their energy, to control their home’s energy costs, and be safe from grid disruption. Consumers want access to affordable technology that enables energy generation, storage and management. We know this choice will ultimately help reduce the use of dirty fossil fuels as well as the need for expensive utility grid infrastructure replacements.

Rooftop solar and energy storage is the foundation for the next generation of the energy grid. Unlike the grid of the last 100 years, rooftop solar does not rely on transmitting and balancing energy over long distances. Rather, it generates and distributes locally. Investing in rooftop solar systems is like building cell towers instead of landlines - it’s smart and forward-thinking. It benefits the solar system owners by delivering lower energy bills and allowing them to avoid costly rate increases, and it benefits the community by providing a clean, renewable source of energy that reduces the need for expensive new power plants and unsightly power lines.

Providing homeowners with savings through clean solar energy will always guide our core purpose. We partner with utility providers around the country to make rooftop solar and energy storage an integral part of the grid for the next hundred years.

We believe that, together, we can create a planet run by the sun.
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SunRun solar through Costco-Worst Decision EVER

Longtime Costco Member! Purchased solar in 2019 thru Costco’s company, Sunrun. First rainstorm after install, garage flooded. Sunrun came to repair leak couple weeks later. Late 2022 with heavy rains, experienced another leak in bedroom directly under solar install. Sunrun sent team, was told leak was repaired. Sadly with next large rainstorm, leak began again except worse pouring onto hardwood floor and causing damage. We had leak inspected by private company. Damages more extensive than initially told by Sunrun. Now dealing with mold. Inspection reports/photos/images of damage all provided to Sunrun. Despite knowing we have mold and health issues involved with living with mold, over past 4 weeks, no one has called to follow up. Now forced to get an attorney to deal with issue. To say Costco and Sunrun have neglected us is an understatement! We will be taking any and all legal action against both Costco and Sunrun.

Posted by prezvan22 on Apr 11, 2023
If you want to just be a number

SunRun is the way to go if you want a generic experience. They definitely didn't come off like they cared about me as a consumer. It felt like they knew how many other clients they have so I didn't matter that much.

Posted by freeforme0628 on Mar 13, 2023
Terrible Salespeople

Was referred to Sunrun through a family connection. The salesperson was very focused on trashing all competitors and pushing a solution. I initially signed up before doing research and came to find out that Sunrun is significantly more expensive. When I asked about what made them so much more expensive he told various lies about their liquidity position ("We have $5B in the bank") and vague promises of project management and that other solar companies will go bankrupt and not be able to support the warranty. He also set up the contract to have more solar panels than the inverter could support (raising the cost of the installation). They submitted the PG&E application before the results of the site inspection came through to try to lock me in. He was very quick during the sales process, but then kept stalling when I raised questions. I ended up canceling because he was not trustworthy and I caught him in various lies. Summarizing: 1. Tried to install more panels than the inverter could support. When confronted, said that engineering would never screw it up but wasn't able to explain why the system made sense. 2. The warranty is not through sunrun but through the panel manufacturer. They were only able to offer JA Solar JAM54S31-390-MR panels, which mid-tier (again, they charge higher prices). The JA Solar only offers a 12 year craftsmanship warranty vs 25 for other brands. 3. He misrepresented Sunrun's financial position by saying they had $5B in the bank. Looking at their last SEC filings they had $700M in the bank and $8B in debt! Not to mention, they may have liquidity issues as a result of SVB collapse. 4. Sending unprofessional text messages after I cancelled "Sunrun didn't like your roof anyways" and "I'm not going to suck up to you to get your business" 5. Stalling on returning deposit. Though the agreement said 10 business days, they are stalling on processing the cancellation and simply said that it could take up to 3 weeks. Their sales tactic is to say that they're more expensive because they're the best and biggest. They are the most expensive, but they provide lower quality panels, they outsource their engineering and after the sales process is done dealing with them is no different than dealing with your local cable provider. Don't let them talk down to you about regional installers!

Posted by vladiv86 on Mar 11, 2023
Made it easy

Beginning to end, SunRun made the entire process easy. If I ever had a question, they were an email or text away. They always called ahead before someone was arriving to do work. They coordinated everything from the city (permit, inspection), to contractors, to their team, to finance. We had a lot of questions in the beginning and the spent the time to walk us through everything. We were pretty sold, but wanted to do some research and comparisons. I reached out Tesla in the meantime and their customer interface was pretty terrible. SunRun checked out and we moved forward with them. All in, it took about 7 months, but it really happened in the background, there isn't much needed from you, a few signatures and a few permissions for people to come and do work and that's that. Very happy with our experience.

Posted by jesdanderson on Mar 04, 2023
AVOID. Go with ANY Other Solar Company - Damage to Home - False Advertising on Tax Breaks

Albuquerque, New Mexico. $26,000 regret. AVOID. My system was installed on April 25, 2022. The installers did their work and left. No discussion. I was working in the home the entire time. I went out and noticed there were two issues. 1. They installed equipment in an unapproved location. The site plan that they gave to me did not show installation of electrical equipment on my patio where my kids play. They installed one of the pieces there despite there being sufficient room per electrical code on the other side of the house around the corner where they installed the other components. 2. They accidentally knocked my irrigation control box off of my house. Instead of saying anything, they just balanced it back up on the holes, not installing it, so essentially hiding their damage and did not say a thing. Since then. So 9 months, I've had multiple representatives from Sunrun come out to review this issue. I've also have supervisors review this issue virtually. All of them have claimed fault and have promised to move my one random component. It is now January of 2023 and there is no movement. In fact, multiple cases have been open with Sunrun. The cases will show open for months and then randomly be closed without resolution. No one can tell why. Instead they will open a new case and the circle begins again. Note that to fix this issue, it would take Sunrun less than one hour. It is literally 10 screws maximum. I would do it myself however the Sunrun warranty explains that all work must be completed by Sunrun, so naturally I want to protect my 26-thousand-dollar investment, not that I have confidence in their warranty or service. Aside from this. They advertise being able to capitalize on the state tax credit however they refuse to provide the necessary documentation required by the state in order to claim the credit. Avoid.

Posted by danielckish on Jan 25, 2023
Solar panel install

Cole was great to work with and the techs/installers did great they got it done in one day. I am waiting on the new net meter from the power company. So once it is fully complete I will give a full review of the process. This is why I am not giving 5 stars yet!

Posted by nicholasgardner1984 on Nov 19, 2022
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    Redlands Solar System Installation
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