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Sunrun - Profile & Reviews

Our Vision
Sunrun believes there is a better, less expensive, cleaner way for families to power their homes. With Sunrun’s residential rooftop solar, storage and energy services, homeowners are saving money while dramatically reducing the amount of air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) they release into the atmosphere. After 10 years, Sunrun is still a steadfast believer in the power of the sun, and we aren’t alone. Continued, growing demand for our products and services proves that more and more Americans want better energy options. Our mission is simple – create a planet run by the sun.

Solar is Inevitable
Sunrun is the pioneer of the solar-as-a-service model. We invented a new, simpler, more affordable way for homeowners to harness the natural resource of the sun to power their homes. Sunrun has grown by leaps and bounds, serving more than 189,000 families nationwide. We continue to drive innovation of solar generation, storage and energy services and technologies.

Everyone should have the freedom to choose where they get their energy, to control their home’s energy costs, and be safe from grid disruption. Consumers want access to affordable technology that enables energy generation, storage and management. We know this choice will ultimately help reduce the use of dirty fossil fuels as well as the need for expensive utility grid infrastructure replacements.

Rooftop solar and energy storage is the foundation for the next generation of the energy grid. Unlike the grid of the last 100 years, rooftop solar does not rely on transmitting and balancing energy over long distances. Rather, it generates and distributes locally. Investing in rooftop solar systems is like building cell towers instead of landlines - it’s smart and forward-thinking. It benefits the solar system owners by delivering lower energy bills and allowing them to avoid costly rate increases, and it benefits the community by providing a clean, renewable source of energy that reduces the need for expensive new power plants and unsightly power lines.

Providing homeowners with savings through clean solar energy will always guide our core purpose. We partner with utility providers around the country to make rooftop solar and energy storage an integral part of the grid for the next hundred years.

We believe that, together, we can create a planet run by the sun.

8 reviews

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  • "Went with another company"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    I went with another company after getting conflicting information from the salesman and not liking the high pressure sales tactics. The $500 deposit which I was told by the salesman was not necessary to get an actual design and cost estimate for the system I wanted all of sudden became a big deal. Comparing costs and warranties this company was behind others as well.


    Reviewed Oct 01, 2020

    I've had my solar panels up and running now for a while and was promised $1,000 gift card for a mistake on the contract from Sales Rep. Joshua Coen and a thermostat and have yet to receive them. I am a new customer and have been bounced around for weeks now. I am hoping Justin Hornback can return my calls and multiple emails I have sent the company. I wanted to refer this company to a few of my friends but I don't think I will anymore. I feel disrespected and feel like I have to chase down for something I was promised and for which I have proof of. Do not utilize this company, there are plenty of other great ones on the market, like Tesla.

  • "Terrible Customer Service"

    Reviewed Aug 19, 2020

    Sunrun's customer service is the worse ever! Sunrun only cares about making money but not a bit about its customers. They set up traps for you and if you sign the contract, you will feel sorry! If there is a 0 star, I would give one to Sunrun.

  • "Awesome service, Excellent crews in Orlando"

    Reviewed Apr 07, 2020
    "Awesome service, Excellent crews in Orlando"

    Reviewed Apr 07, 2020

    I went with Sunrun in Orlando, Florida, I thought about doing the lease, but ultimately decided that I would be in the house long term so we did a loan instead. The system sizing was accurate and the surveyors, sales rep, installers and branch manager all were courteous about my space and home when they were out here working.

    It took about 3 months in my area from contract signing to install, 1 month of that delay was me getting multiple quotes after already signing with Sunrun. Some were much cheaper, but were less than transparent in their designing and promises. One company wouldn't leave a proposal in writing. only verbal until I was ready to sign. Some others were more expensive without any added value. Ultimately Sunrun won because of their attention to detail, the level of "investigation" they did before having me sign off on a final design, and the attention to safety they took. They added wood to my attic, and performed a main panel upgrade for no extra charge after they discovered those would be required during the site survey. I had quotes from Tesla/SolarCity, Momentum, and 3 other local companies.

  • "Avoid Sunrun at all cost"

    Reviewed Oct 17, 2019

    In 2017 a salesman named Jazz came to my door offering solar with Zero money down, a low monthly lease amount and that they would offset my power bill by 97%. The moment the system Sunrun installed went live I was paying MORE with solar than without. After a year I saved a whole $86.00, not anywhere near offsetting my power bill. Their "savings analysis" showed that the system is 114% too small for my power needs and they said they are going to do absolutely NOTHING!!!!

    I've talked to many people at Sunrun from Customer Care Manager Michael Lind, Sue Anderson, Victoria Espino, Dulce Mendoza, Brandon Rapplean, Jessica Berg, Justin Hornback, Michael Jordan, Natalie Raff, Kia Porter and many people over the phone since the system went live. NV Energy verified that the system was way too small to offset my power bill by 97%.

    These representatives from Sunrun have tried saying I started using more electricity as soon as the system went live which is a lie, they tried saying that I recently got an electric car even though I had it for two years previous to having solar installed, and their biggest lie...they say that they estimated my power usage by determining the square footage of my home. When I started questioning them about this "calculation tool" used to determine my power usage, I noticed they were lying. There is not tool to calculate how much power a person uses by the square footage of a house even though they claimed to have used it to size the system installed. I asked, "even IF there was some such tool, it was off by 114%. What does Sunrun plan to do to offset my power bill by 97%?" the answers I got from Sunrun were, "Some solar is better than no solar, many customer are not able to achieve full offset," "As utility rates increase over time, we expect that as the years go on, you will save more than you saved in the first year." and whatever else they could come up with to do absolutely NOTHING!!!! The funny part is that the salesman looked at my power bills and intentionally set me up with a system too small for my power needs knowing that once it is installed, there would be nothing I could do.

    Here is the trick, they forged my signature and initials on their 20 year lease agreement. An agreement that is designed to take full advantage of the customer for the lease. The monthly lease price increases annually so each year, you will save less and less.

    Sunrun is a scam, they will prey on your lack of knowledge, put you into a system that is far too small for your power needs and an ever increasing bill that will never be offset. Do Not Trust ANYONE at Sunrun.

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  • "Smooth experience going solar with Sunrun"

    Reviewed May 14, 2019
    "Smooth experience going solar with Sunrun"

    Reviewed May 14, 2019

    I went with Sunrun through Costco. Started discussions in February and was up and running with solar power by April end. They used the best LG panels and were better priced than other large solar installers.

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  • "Sore Looser Sales rep said "we are not for you" after falling from the selection"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2019
    "Sore Looser Sales rep said "we are not for you" after falling from the selection"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2019

    After my evaluation process, SunRun was the cheapest of the 3 finalists but also used the lowest quality panels. I shared the system kilowatts with Jason, who is SunRun rep, to show other companies had more system kilowatt for the similar pricing. Then I received the below "sore loser" comment with the incorrect facts. I have to doubt the corporate culture of this company. I am glad that I did not go with them.

    From: Jason Jeroski <jason.jeroski@sunrun.com>
    To: Nori
    Sent: Monday, March 18, 2019, 6:23:10 PM CDT
    Subject: Re: Sunrun - per our conversation

    so if cost is your only concern then choosing a solar contractor I would say go with the cheapest. We are not the company for you.

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  • "Amazing Sunrun experience"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2018

    After talking with two very happy Sunrun customers, we decided to give them a try and we are thrilled. The process was easy. Sunrun kept us informed every step of the way. They gave us a timeline and everything stayed on track or happened sooner than expected. We had a project coordinator who responded to our every question quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend Sunrun. If you are a Costco member, Sunrun is the way to go.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Trust Sunrun for your home's solar because you’ll be cared for and looked after like family as long as you are a customer – and because:

- Sunrun has over 17 years of high-quality custom solar installations.
- We steer clear of one-size-fits-all solar systems because your home and electricity needs are one-of-a-kind.
- You can choose from a variety of affordable ways to pay, from a lease to a PPA to full ownership.
- You’ll enjoy Sunrun Lifetime Support—if something breaks, we fix it for free.
- Sunrun offers guaranteed production—if your panels under-produce, we’ll refund your money.
- If you sell your home, our promise transfers to the new owners. Our dedicated Service Transfer Team will make it easy for both seller and buyer.

How’s that for peace of mind? Choose Sunrun as your solar panel company and save!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



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