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Lakeland Electric (Leasing)

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About Lakeland Electric (Leasing)

Lakeland Electric is offering a solar option for its residential customers who use average amounts of hot water and prefer not to purchase their own solar heaters. The Lakeland Solar Hot Water service provides the easiest way for Lakeland homeowners to adopt solar water heating for the least amount of cost. It enables residents to lock-in long-term hot water heating rates that will never rise while they live in their home. It is the fastest and most efficient way to move toward renewable energy and results in the greatest net benefit for the Lakeland community as a whole. In addition to a protected price plan, other benefits to the customer include the following:

No up-front costs
Additional storage (gallons) of hot water
Zero maintenance costs
Reliable hot water
Purchase option
Offsets carbon footprint

The only cost to the customer is a monthly energy purchase of $34.95 which is equal to the current cost of heating water with electricity or propane for most households.
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