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About Solar-Log

Monitoring for Photovoltaic Plants
Solar Data Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of Solar-Log® web-enabled monitoring and metering solutions for photovoltaic plants. Solar-Log® is a global market leader with over 250,000 plants monitored world-wide, with a generating power exceeding 11 GWp. The Solar-Log® product family monitors plant performance, records local weather data, provides real-time error detection, automatic status information, and offers revenue-grade metering for incentive reporting. Additional communication protocols with supported components allow inverters, batteries, heat pumps, and numerous other devices to be integrated into the Solar-Log® monitoring platform. This industry-leading functionality maximizes PV plant performance, optimizes self-consumption, provides intelligent grid feed-in controls, and best-in-class PV plant fleet management.
Solar Data Systems, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Solare Datensysteme GmbH, based in Binsdorf, Germany.

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Xlint company

The solar industry has been hit hard by the current virus pandemic. Thus the company that installed my solar system, Socal Solar went bankrupt and quit paying for the SolarLog monotoring services. My Solarlog account was deactivated due to non payment. When I contacted Solarlog I was informed that they had created a free portal for plants under 30KW which I presume covers most home installations. I was quicky re connected by helpful staff and can now agin monitor my production free of charge. Thank you Solarlog Steve Wechsler Lancaster, Cal.

Posted by srexler on Aug 20, 2020
Not user friendly

The monitoring platform itself is not very user friendly. The sales / technical support is lacking and rude. Generic yet awkward interface and over priced. Tech support will be needed to figure out how to find useful info as opposed to how many trees were planted or cars not driven. Just use Locus or eGuage.

Posted by jmacisaac on Sep 03, 2019